‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Ralph Angel is Under a Lot of Stress + Nova’s Vaccine Drive Goes Left

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 1
Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Queen Sugar,” the Bordelons are seemingly recovering well from their Covid-19 lockdowns. Blue’s in DC and Darla’s pregnant. While Ralph Angel is happy about most things concerning them, he’s still frustrated with Aunt Vi over Blue leaving for DC.

But things on the farm aren’t all good. Money is getting very thin between Darla and Ralph Angel. Darla’s worried, especially since Ralph Angel quit his job at the nursing home. But Ralph Angel is hopeful the sugar cane crop comes through along with a lawsuit against the government.

Micah’s back at school and it’s revealed he’s romantically involved with his professor. Meanwhile, Charley’s in California. While out there for a conference to help her move her political career forward, she’s also seeing Davis secretly.

Lastly, Nova recently wrote an article that strongly supports defunding the police. The piece is divisive and Aunt Vi has an interesting thought about it. Tensions also rise at the vaccine drive due to not being able to supply doses to all who arrived. This leads to a surprising confrontation between Prosper and an officer.

Here’s the recap for, “If You Could Enter Their Dreaming.”

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