‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Ralph Angel is Under a Lot of Stress + Nova’s Vaccine Drive Goes Left

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 1 Recap
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Micah’s in class and Charley’s in California.

The episode beings with Micah in a virtual course discussing Marcus Garvey. It’s part of a special transfer program from Xavier. As he’s called on to give his opinions on Marcus Garvey’s political ideology, he seemingly impresses his teacher with his answer. After his class, Charley video calls Micah as she’s in California. She’s doing work with the Democratic Party and will be watching a keynote speech from Maxine Waters later.

Meanwhile, Prosper and Ralph Angel are on the farm taking a break from planting. Ralph Angel tells Prosper that Blue loves the new school in DC. Prosper also thanks Ralph Angel for jumping on the lawsuit with the Black Farmers Association. Ralph Angel hopes the lawsuit against the USDA will lead to a settlement for the Black farmers in the area.

Aunt Vi and Ralph Angel still aren’t speaking.

Darla is heading out and invites Ralph Angel to go to Aunt Vi’s restaurant. He refuses as he’s still angry with Aunt Vi. At the restaurant, Vi’s selling meals at a steep discount and prepping for Nova’s vaccine drive. She’s fighting with Hollywood as she’s still angry with Ralph Angel for sending Blue to school in DC. Neither Aunt Vi and Ralph Angel are budging on their feelings. When Hollywood leaves, Aunt Vi calls someone about an order she has. Their identity isn’t shared.

Davis joined Charley in California.

At Tru Papers, Nova is hosting a photoshoot when one of her colleagues says she needs to run for office. She says no as it is Charley’s lane, mentioning she’s in California doing that kind of work. However, Charley is spending some quality time with Davis. Davis tells Charley he never thought they would be back in a good space as they are now. Charley is using the trip to the democratic conference as a chance to spend time with Davis too.

Davis tells Charley he’s 100 percent behind her political ambitions that are now beyond St. Joe. The mood turns somber when he tells Charley they won’t be able to hide their relationship forever. Charley suggests they first tell the family they’re dating. 

Back in St. Joe, Ralph Angel’s at a payday loan spot and Nova’s with Officer Walker. Ralph Angel and Darla are behind on bills and are on their fourth payday loan.

Nova’s working on an article to expose the NOPD.

 Her piece is with Tru Papers and Officer Walker is a key voice. However, he’s unsure Nova will protect his privacy as her source, mentioning her past relationship with Calvin. He seemingly feels assured when Nova tells him she never outed a source and his privacy will go with her to the grave.

Meanwhile, Hollywood is going through his old tackle box as he’s picking up items he kept from his late mom’s home. He begins to shed a tear as he comes across his mom’s red fedora she wore in the casinos. Eventually, he lands in his bed where an exhausted Aunt Vi is tired and ready to cuddle.

Nova’s heading home and she’s on a phone call where she learns her story caught the eye of producers at the “Today Show.” But her excitement quickly subdues as she notices her door was unlocked with her keys on the coffee table. She has a little anxiety and reminds herself that she just forgot her keys. And she’s safe.

Micah’s with his professor.

The next morning, Aunt Vi calls Micah and awakens him from his slumber, nagging him for missing her food drop-off the previous day. He tells Aunt Vi he’s at the library but she sees through the lie. In actuality, Micah spent the night with his professor. Although he tells Aunt Vi he’s going to make it to the vaccine drive, he gets back into bed with his professor who admires his “stamina” as a lover.

At the farm, Darla signs for a package. Ralph Angel has the delivery person open the box to show Darla it’s the expensive crib she wanted. While she’s concerned about the cost, Ralph Angel says they’ll be alright due to the settlement money and their crop on the farm. Meanwhile, Nova’s heading to the vaccine drive and picks up Prosper on her way there. Prosper thanks Nova for putting together the drive, mentioning how it seemed as if the world didn’t care if old, Black, and poor people died from the virus. Aunt Vi and Hollywood are finishing prepping their food for the drive and Aunt Vi heads out to take the food to an undisclosed location.

Ralph Angel faces a dire financial situation.

Things get heated when Ralph Angel gets a call from collections. He’s 60 days past due on his farm loan. If he doesn’t pay up in full within the next 30 days, the bank will foreclose on his farm.

At the vaccine drive, Nova and Prosper arrive and they are shocked to see the number of people who showed up to the drive. There’s an extremely long line of drivers that don’t seem to be from around the parish. 

Meanwhile, Aunt Vi heads to a hotel to drop off food and knocks on a door, leaving before anyone answers.

Eventually, Micah makes it to the drive and gives Ralph Angel a pack of pamphlets that explain his lawsuit against the USDA. Hollywood tells Micah that he can have his own photo gallery at the Real Spot whenever he’s ready. This further inspires Micah to take pictures of the vaccine drive for his project.

 Ralph Angel’s passing out the pamphlets and he meets a farmer who reluctantly accepts one.

Nova makes a tough decision as vaccine doses get low.

Nova’s nervous about the drive as supplies for vaccines are low. She meets with her team to let them know that 50 doses are left and they figure out how to support the people from St. Joe. She preps them in case things get tense as her team, Aunt Vi, Darla, Hollywood, and Ralph Angel get frustrated about the white people that came in from other parishes, including nearby St. Thomas Parish. 

When they leave the meeting, Aunt Vi vents about Nova’s article about defunding the police. While Hollywood agrees with the premise, Aunt Vi brings up her past dealing with physical abuse, scoffing about the premise of sending in social workers to protect battered women.

Later on, Nova’s working the line when a couple driving a confederate flag laced car pull up. Nova mentions that their remaining vaccines are for St Joe’s residents only and they eventually drive off in a huff. Darla then lets Nova know that most of the people in line aren’t from the parish. This leads Nova to get on a megaphone to inform everyone waiting that only people with proof of residence can get a shot.

Prosper is assaulted.

This causes tensions to rise, including a back and forth between a black man and a white woman, both are frustrated over their wait in line. Suddenly, the white man from the car is caught stealing vaccine doses. So Nova calls the police, shocking Micah.

She comes across someone she knows that’s missing her ID and says she’s been waiting since 7 am. At this point, Nova tells her she can go ahead and get her shot. A white woman gets out of her car to cause a scene. She accuses Nova of allowing the woman to skip the line. The Sheriff shows up and tells them that everything has to be fair. When they leave, the officer reveals he’s angry over Nova’s defund the police article and tells her that it will happen “over her dead body.”

Aunt Vi decides to take the resident, Parthina, to her home to get her ID. They stop next to another man with a confederate flag in his car window playing conservative talk radio. After they pull off, things get tense as the white people at the drive are complaining about the perceived preferential treatment black people are getting. A woman is confronting Prosper and another black woman.

The woman complains Prosper had the black woman skip the line which they both deny. An officer comes over and gets aggressive with Prosper. During the struggle, Prosper gets pushed by the officer and is seemingly injured by the fray as he falls to the ground. The push shocks everyone and Nova confronts the officer.

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