Gizelle Bryant is Now Wondering If There is Some Truth to the Eddie Osefo Rumors

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Gizelle Bryant believes Wendy Osefo went too far.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant isn’t on the best of terms with Wendy Osefo these days. The two women clashed after it was revealed that Gizelle brought the Eddie Osefo rumors to Ashley Darby. During Gizelle’s conversation with Ashley, she was critical of Wendy’s changes. She wondered if Wendy changed so much because of the cheating rumors. Wendy felt this was an attack on her marriage. So she called Gizelle out during Candiace Dillard’s girl trip.

Of course, the conversation went left quickly. Robyn Dixon tried to interject and Wendy sent some strays her way. Robyn didn’t appreciate that Wendy was critical of her relationship with Juan Dixon. Since then, Robyn has come to the conclusion that her friendship with Wendy was never real. So Wendy’s excitement over Juan proposing couldn’t have been genuine. Robyn now doesn’t see the point in inviting Wendy to any of her wedding festivities.

Well, Wendy took more shots at Robyn’s relationship and Gizelle’s singlehood on the recent episode. And now Gizelle is starting to think that there could be something to the cheating rumors about Eddie. In her opinion, Wendy’s anger towards the situation just isn’t making sense.

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