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Melody Holt’s Mother Clashes with LaTisha Scott & Miss Wanda + Martell Holt Loses it

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Parents get involved, and Melody finds love elsewhere?

Things are going to get messier on the upcoming episodes of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” After Melody Holt and Martell Holt pulled the plug on their marriage, Melody was grateful to still be in a good place with Martell’s mother Marlene. But it seems as if their good relationship may take a hit. On a preview, Marlene gets stern with someone and it may be Melody. She says, “Handle yourself.”

Destiny Payton-Williams is right there to have Melody’s back. “Don’t do that Miss Marlene.” But Miss Marlene doesn’t back down. “That’s Mister Holt. That’s not your husband or ex-husband.”

Melody’s mother Vanessa has her own beef with Miss Wanda. Things get heated when they come face to face with their daughters in tow. Vanessa tells Wanda, “I don’t do ghetto.” And Wanda says it’s about being real. “I’m not ashamed at what I do and they don’t call that ghetto. They call that real.”

LaTisha Scott tries to take up for Wanda and grabs Vanessa in the process. She’s not having it. “Don’t put your hands on me!”

At an event, a man gets on bended knee and shows Melody a ring. Martell comes over to asks what’s happening. But Melody doesn’t feel she has to explain anything to him. “I’m not your woman anymore!”

Martell becomes irate, “Who is he?!”

Melody is disgusted by Martell’s behavior. “Have some f*cking pride about yourself!”

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