Juan Dixon Gets Fed up with Robyn Dixon as They Discuss Having Another Child

Photo Credit: Bravo

Juan Dixon and Robyn Dixon have a heated moment while discussing having another child.

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon will have a tense conversation on the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” The couple is engaged to remarry, and Juan wants them to have another baby. Robyn tells Juan that things are coming together for that because they are moving into a bigger house. However, she needs to know that past issues won’t reoccur.

“The house is allowing us to have space for a baby. But before we go down the road of having a baby, we have to make sure the things that happened before don’t happen again.”

Juan questions what “things” Robyn is referring to. And she answers, “As far as when Corey and Carter were young. When they were infants…”

Juan doesn’t like where the conversation is going. “Don’t do that.” He asks what Robyn means and she says, “Have you ever changed a diaper?”

At this point, Juan is annoyed and he argues that he did actually change diapers back then. But Robyn disagrees. “You did not change a diaper. If we were to have an infant, I would expect you to be just as hands-on…”

The conversation gets tenser. Juan says, “Okay. That was 13 years ago.” Robyn states that they are talking about this because it happened in the past. And she just wants reassurance that things would be different this time around. But Juan feels like the past should stay in the past.

He decides to end the conversation and starts to walk away. And Robyn says, “You don’t like that conversation?” Juan answers, “No, because you’re being stupid…make me out to be a d*ck head, Robyn.” Robyn denies this but Juan stands firm in his feelings before exiting Robyn’s new business space.

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