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LAMH Recap: Louis & Tiffany Think Marsau & LaTisha Have a Bad Marriage

LAMH Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” it’s their final night in Las Vegas and LaTisha has a big surprise for Marsau. It’s a vow renewal. However, LaTisha’s plan’s thrown for a loop when she brings up the surprise to Marsau.

Marsau’s not for it at all.

 But after a talk with Tiffany, LaTisha keeps with her plan. Marsau stands his ground which shocks everyone.

Then at dinner, Marsau puts his foot down concerning the pillow talk going on in the group which causes Louis and Tiffany to speak up. Lastly, Destiny may seem willing to hash things out with Tiffany and Marsau makes a shocking revelation.

Here’s the recap for, “I Now Pronounce You Depressed.”

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  1. Natalie

    October 3, 2021 at 2:38 am

    Men need to keep it 1000% with their women.
    How are women supposed to help when they don’t know?
    The same goes for women. They have to speak up.
    No communication or the lack of it is what causes riffs in relationships
    I hate when I ask what’s the matter and the response is nothing. What can I do with nothing? Absolutely nothing. Then he wants to get mad and say I didn’t care. Really? Will there be an argument? ??‍♀️

  2. Deb Dyson

    October 3, 2021 at 9:32 am

    I felt bad for Tisha but, he told her he wasn’t for it & she let Tiffany influence her. Wrong road & Tiffany did it for sport leaving Tisha looking like a fool. Her choice to me. She acts like she doesn’t know who she’s married to. Look at that line of crap he gave her explaining before they left. Their marriage is perfect for him but Tiffany needs to stay in her lane she’s on her 2nd marriage her husband too. Who are they to judge?

  3. Guest

    October 3, 2021 at 11:32 am

    It is clear that Tiffany and Louis are very opinionated. I do think husband and wife should discuss issues that affect the dynamics of their marriage. However, in a setting where they’re having a conversation with friends it shouldn’t be discussed with the friend’s spouse. Especially, when it doesn’t involve them nor has an impact on their relationship. Louis was out of line by divulging what was discussed between the men to his wife. He may not have any secrets from his wife but, not everyone’s marriage is like that. Likewise, Tiffany had no place in coming to Tisha to express Marsau’s feelings shared in a confidential conversation with the men. That should’ve been left for him to do if he desired to. These people have no filter or discretion. There’s a time and a place for everything. I agree with Destiny that neither Louis nor Tiffany know how to read a room. Not everyone wants your opinion or advice. Sometimes it’s best to shut up, sit back and observe. What’s even more incredulous is that Tiffany is clueless when she’s out of line and abrupt. Smh ??‍♀️

  4. AR

    October 3, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    I’m already tired of the Whitlocks, especially Tiffany. Who cares what they think about someone else’s marriage. What they did was just wrong. They need to sit their behinds down and just be quite. Who are they to judge someone’s relationship?


    October 3, 2021 at 7:49 pm

    If the cast did not speak on issues that effect the dynamic of their relationship we would not have a show.

    People keep forgetting that this is a “Realty TV show”. It’s meant for entertainment ?

  6. Joyce Gordon

    October 4, 2021 at 10:47 am

    Tisha have been married for 15 years, no matter what folks say should not matter. I have been married for 25 years, my husband is my best friend and I as well as him do not let no one come between us. We talk often and Tisha STOP, your Mom, Tiffany nd any one else that is MESSY.

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