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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Ryan Feels Kitty Seduces People for Info + Charmaine Goes Off

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Miss Kitty and Ryan discuss their fall out.

Ryan gives Phor and the others at 9 Mag a recap of the convention drama. He feels he needs to address the issues with how Charmaine is running things. And when it comes to Kitty, Ryan says that she switched up on him when Anthony made the revelation surrounding their fall out on social media. So they haven’t really talked in a while.

Kitty has a beach day with Steven. They discuss the convention drama and Steven says that Ryan told him he always has a spot at 9 Mag. This is something he’s considering since he doesn’t want to be involved in 2nd City Ink drama. Kitty feels Ryan has been acting funny and she noticed him laughing with Charmaine while Ceaser took shots at her. And last time she checked, Ryan and Charmaine didn’t even like Ceaser like that. When it comes to the Anthony situation, she told Ryan he was wrong. That led to their tension.

Prince is over it.

Charmaine has another staff meeting. Prince says he didn’t like how things went down at the convention. He was supposed to be the lead artist for 2nd City Ink, but he had to tattoo at Ryan’s booth and give him 50 percent of his profits. When he asks if Charmaine can reimburse his 50 percent split, she says she can’t do that. Even though Charmaine apologizes, Prince feels really disrespected. At this point, Prince is starting to agree with Draya that Charmaine has no idea what she’s doing.

Ryan has some house rules for Steven.

Ryan has decided he will take some time off to focus on receiving therapy. While he’s at 9 Mag, Steven comes by. Steven wants to be a guest artist at 9 Mag before he heads back to London. But Ryan says before that happens, he needs to know it won’t be any pillow talk drama involving Kitty. Ryan is leery and says Kitty has seduced people around him to make sneaky moves and get information. So only time will tell with Steven. But he gives him a booth.

Prince has a girlfriend named Miriah. She’s a friend of Charmaine’s. And they began dating during the pandemic. He tells Miriah that he doesn’t want to leave 2nd City Ink. But he will have to if things don’t improve.

Charmaine talks to Neek about all the drama. She feels Prince should be mad at Draya not her since Draya is the one who pushed him out of the convention booth. And she thinks it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t appreciate that she gave him a booth at 2nd City Ink rent-free during the pandemic.

Not too long after, Ryan sends a mass text to the 2nd City Ink crew saying they need to meet. He, Don, Phor, and Steven will be moderators. Draya is attending via video chat.

Charmaine puts Draya and Prince all the way on blast.

Draya ends up going off and saying that Charmaine doesn’t know what she’s doing. And she doesn’t care about tattoo artists. Ryan and Don say there needs to be respect for the chain of command. And going off on the shop owner is never the way to do things. If Draya keeps this up, she may not remain on the platform.

Charmaine says that she knows she needs help from a good team. Draya was very disrespectful towards her and she doesn’t want to work with her or Kitty.

Prince says the 2nd City Ink staff meeting got too personal and this is why women can’t run tattoo shops. And he really didn’t like how he was treated at the convention. Charmaine then accuses Prince of being biased and siding with Draya because he’s been sleeping with her behind Miriah’s back. And Prince’s car has been parked outside of Draya’s place the last few nights. And Miriah’s been out of town.

Kitty and Ryan clash.

Draya accuses Charmaine of sleeping with everyone at 9 Mag and Charmaine says she only slept with Don. As for Prince, he denies sleeping with Draya. He says they were just painting. And Draya says they are just friends.

Ryan says they aren’t acting like a crew and they need to put their issues behind them. Kitty says that Ryan hasn’t exactly been a good leader. He then says that they used to be close until she felt some type of way about the situation with Anthony. Kitty claims she just told Ryan he needed to stop “subbing” Anthony on social media. And Kitty says she should have been able to tell Ryan her honest feelings if they were friends.

Ryan replies and states she ruined their friendship because she’s a “goofball.”

Kitty gets upset. She says she’s never been a “goofy a*s b*tch.” Don pulls Ryan away to calm down and the meeting is a failure.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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