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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Ryan Addresses Pattern of Self Sabotage + Charmaine Grieves

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Prince feels like Charmaine betrayed him.

Draya and Prince discuss the accusations that were tossed their way at Ryan’s meeting. They say they aren’t messing around. But it was really low down and messy for Charmaine to take things there. So these days, Prince isn’t sure he wants to work with Charmaine anymore.

Back at 9 Mag, Ryan has taken some time off to focus on his mental health. So Don gets the inspiration to do a health event to help out in the community.

Charmaine still believes a hookup happened.

After the meeting, Charmaine has a lot on her mind. She feels like she needs to tell her friend Miriah that she believes Prince is hooking up with Draya behind Miriah’s back. Although Draya and Prince have denied that there’s anything going on, Charmaine says she knows Prince and Draya were hooking up earlier in the pandemic.

A therapist forces Ryan to dig deep into his grief.

Ryan has another therapy session. He realizes that he didn’t take his parents’ separation well. They ended their marriage when he was 15. He also still has a lot of grief and guilt about his sister’s murder. He believes he should have been there to protect her.

When Kitty and Draya hang out, Kitty says that Ryan cursed her out because she told him he was wrong to take shots at Anthony on social media.

Ryan tells his therapist that he believes his sister thought about him while she was dying because she was afraid. And it hurts knowing this.

Prince tells Miriah that Charmaine isn’t being truthful.

Miriah questions Prince about his relationship with Draya. Charmaine really believes they hooked up behind Miriah’s back. But Prince tells Miriah that Charmaine is wrong. And she’s just being vindictive.

Don has a health event at the shop. Draya and Kitty show up to support despite the messy meeting that occurred the other day.

Ryan continues to have multiple therapy sessions to get to the bottom of his mental health. He even has sit-downs with his mother, father, sister, and Anthony. His therapist tells him it’s important that he holds himself accountable.

It’s time for Ryan to hear some truths he’s been avoiding.

Ryan’s therapist sets up a “Circle of Feedback” session for him. So Charmaine, Don, and Phor attend the session to make sure Ryan hears some truths that he needs to hear.

Phor tells Ryan that he overworks himself and puts others’ needs before his own.

Don says that Ryan self sabotages himself a lot and it hurts him to watch.

Charmaine tells Ryan that he needs to let his walls down and be honest about the insecurities he’s dealing with because she won’t ever judge him.

It’s another heartbreaking loss for Charmaine.

Ryan’s therapist wants him to think about why he self sabotages. She believes this happens because Ryan hasn’t completely processed his sister’s tragic death. So they do some yoga so Ryan can learn how to deal with grief and stress.

Two days after Ryan’s therapy trip, Charmaine’s father Mike passes away from cancer. Danielle comes over to console her. And Don, Phor, Kitty, and Ryan offer kind words to Charmaine in their green screen interviews.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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