‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: The Bordelons Stick to the Plan

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 10
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On tonight’s “Queen Sugar” season finale, it seems as if things come together for the Bordelons and the farm may be saved from a takeover. While Ralph Angel is days away from signing over the farm to Sam Landry, Aunt Vi, Charley, Hollywood, and Nova spring into action.

First, Hollywood heads out to find Theo. Then Charley gets Aunt Vi to set up a meeting after Dominic reveals to Nova their plan to make the farm a historical landmark was approved by the state.

Ralph Angel was able to get a key holdout to join the black farmer co-op in the county. This leads Charley to have the co-op bid on another key piece of land Sam Landry eyes.

Things reach a climax when Sam’s daughter Parker meets with Aunt Vi and Charley in his place.

Lastly, Micah and Isaiah speak and come to an understanding, while Dominic and Nova seemingly take things to the next level in their relationship. Charley also reconsiders Davis’ proposal and Darla goes into labor.

Here’s the recap for, “And You Would Be One of Them.”

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