‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: The Bordelons Stick to the Plan

Queen Sugar Season 6 Finale
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Hollywood heads out on a mission.

The season finale begins with Hollywood packing for a trip that seems serious. Aunt Vi packed him food and tells Hollywood to return home. 

Meanwhile, Ralph Angel meets with Charley and Nova regarding the remains found on the land. Nova tells them she suspects these remains were of black people part of the Thibeadux Massacre in the 1880s. Charley then asks about the co-op and Ralph Angel says it might not be strong enough yet to fight Sam Landry regarding strip mall land in the county. They all figure that this co-op idea and registering the farm as a historic landmark could stretch Sam and the Landrys thin. 

Blue’s almost a big brother and he feels inspired about it. He tells Aunt Vi new life inspires people to be better.

Dominic’s plan goes through.

Later on, Dominic stops by Nova’s home with great news. The state approved the landmark for the Bordelon farm. This news brings tears to Nova’s eyes. Hollywood also made it to his destination. He’s at a bar playing pool with a guy that knows Theo. He manages to get info out of the guy about Theo’s operations. 

Aunt Vi and Charley talk regarding an idea that could result in Sam giving back the farm. Charley needs Aunt Vi to lure Sam to the diner and Aunt Vi agrees. Meanwhile, Billie presents Prosper with flowers as a thank you for submitting his settlement for the co-op. Things turn somber when Billie speaks about her partner. She indicates to Prosper they’re on the verge of separating. 

Isaiah stops by Micah’s room and Micah presents a copy of their photo together in his photo project and apologizes for his earlier actions. Isaiah accepts his apology and Isaiah suggests they talk later to dig deeper into their fight. 

Darla and Ralph Angel are in awe as they received news of the farm becoming a historical landmark. Ralph Angel’s relieved this happened and promises that he’ll get the farm back. 

Darla and Ralph Angel get a key farmer to join the co-op.

Later on, Ralph Angel and Darla meet with a key farmer, Cardelle, regarding joining the co-op. After a tense conversation, they were able to convince him to join. 

The next morning, Prosper asks Billie how the talk with her boyfriend went and she says it didn’t go well. Prosper’s convinced Billie’s still hurting over what happened between her and Jimmy Dale. He tells her that if she wants to run home, he’ll be there to “catch her.” 

Meanwhile, Hollywood is one step closer to meeting with Theo. He’s currently at a bar Theo frequents. He shows the bartender a picture of Theo and he learns when he could show up. Isaiah and Micah have their talk while hanging out in the park. During the conversation, Micah says he doesn’t feel like he’s gay. But he does have feelings for him. Isaiah tells him he wants nothing else but to be his friend and brother. They agree that their love for each other is platonic. 

Despite the lack of romantic attraction, they both tell each other they love one another. Dominic and Nova also spend time in the big city bonding. They are on a date and they’re walking along a street. Dominic uses this time to express his feelings for Nova. Nova also opens up about her feelings and being hurt in the past. Their night ends with a deep, passionate kiss. 

Sam Landry and his daughter Parker are backed into a corner.

Charley and Davis are on the phone and Charley is feeling second thoughts about her political aspirations. Davis tells her to look out of a window and he’s outside with a radio and a picnic blanket. He’s has a long layover between flights and is using it to his advantage. Davis is trying to show he’s willing to make their long-distance relationship work. During their picnic, Charley tells Davis she’s tired. Specifically, she’s tired of not putting herself first. 

She wants to be doing things that make her happy and Davis is willing to help. Charley tells Davis she’s moving back to California and accepts his proposal for marriage.

The next day, Billie and Prosper get great news from Ralph Angel. Prosper learns the farmer Cardelle joined the co-op. It’s at this moment Darla’s water broke and she’s about to give birth. 

At the diner, Aunt Vi and Charley are waiting for Sam Landry. However, they are surprised when his daughter Parker shows up. So, they have the meeting with her instead and they show the paperwork for the historical landmark. Charley then warns Parker that the black-owned farmers will be taking back their town, including buying back the outlet mall. It’s at this point Theo walks in with Hollywood battered and bruised. He’s ready to snitch on the Landrys. 

It’s at this point Parker tells them Ralph Angel can keep the farm if the co-op drops their bid for the outlet mall. Speaking of Ralph Angel, Darla’s in labor, and the Doula won’t make it in time. Blue and Ralph Angel are there to support and Billie and Prosper show up to help. The Doula coaches Ralph Angel through the entire process and he takes her to a bathtub to complete the process. 

What are your thoughts about the season finale? 

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