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RHOP Recap: Nicki Puts Candiace on the Spot + Chris Claps Back at Nicki on Twitter

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Candiace defends Ashley, Ashley stands firm.

After Nicki Minaj accuses Ashley of repeating what was said to Wendy because she didn’t have a storyline this season, Ashley says her family is her storyline. And since she’s been on the show, she’s always had plenty to share. But she believes in saying what she said behind someone’s back to their face. That’s what she did when it came to Wendy.

Wendy says she didn’t think Ashley was being malicious but Nicki disagrees. Nicki says that Ashley didn’t have a storyline and should have stayed at home. Candiace says that Ashley still has a contractual obligation despite just having a baby so she had to work. But Wendy tells her to stay out of this.

Robyn intervenes and says Ashley didn’t even think what she said to Wendy would cause the drama it did. But again, Nicki isn’t buying this. However, they decide to move on from this topic.

Robyn and Gizelle address the speculation from fans.

Nicki brings up Juan and Robyn’s interactions this season. She sensed that they were in a better place s*xually. Robyn says that things have gotten better in the bedroom for them. It’s also brought up that some fans feel Robyn doesn’t have her own mind and she just goes with whatever Gizelle is feeling in the group. But Robyn denies this. Nicki brings up that Robyn asked Gizelle if they were mad at Ashley in a scene. Robyn says that she was really drunk at that moment.

It’s then asked if Gizelle and Robyn are secret lovers. They say it’s not the case and Nicki asks Robyn what her type is when it comes to women. Robyn tells Nicki that she’s her type. Nicki tells her not to tempt her because she looks good. Gizelle says she’d get down with Robyn and Ashley. Then Candiace jokingly says that she’d join Ashley, Robyn, and Gizelle in the bedroom.

Michael and Juan’s relationship is discussed.

Juan comes up again. It is asked if Michael is attracted to Juan. Robyn says yes. Nicki then questions why Robyn is cool with Juan and Michael having a friendship knowing this. Robyn says she knows Juan won’t do anything with Michael. Nicki then gives Juan props for not allowing Michael’s attraction to him to deter them from having a friendship. Ashley interjects and says Michael isn’t gay. Nicki apologizes and says she didn’t mean to infer that.

Gizelle was offended by Ray’s comments about finding love.

Nicki says Gizelle is a beautiful woman. But she wonders if Gizelle’s looks have faded since the beginning of the show. Gizelle asks Nicki if she’s beauty shaming her. Nicki says that isn’t the case. Ray’s past comments towards Gizelle about getting a husband before her beauty fades is brought up. Gizelle says the comment offended her. She wasn’t cool with a man saying this.

Nicki then gets into Gizelle age shaming Karen over the years. Karen says that she’s 58 and Gizelle is 53. And Gizelle should hope to look as great when she gets to Karen’s age. Regardless, Gizelle says she didn’t know how old Karen was for a long time. Robyn says that Karen looked like she was in her 60s at the beginning of the show. Now she looks like she’s like 52/53. Karen says she gets fillers, eats well, and exercises.

Reconciliation with Jamal is back up for discussion.

Jamal becomes the topic. Nicki questions why Jamal and Gizelle didn’t reconcile until she got on television. But Gizelle says that she just waited until she felt they were finally on equal footing. She was in his shadow when they were married. Now she’s found her own success with the show and other opportunities. Gizelle says that she was one of the 40 people who helped Jamal fund his first church. Membership grew into 15,000.

Karen explains her hot box comments towards Gizelle. She said she read it on the blogs. She doesn’t believe what was rumored. But she was mad and wanted to fight fire with fire at that moment.

Mia’s relationship with her mother is discussed.

It’s Mia’s turn in the hot seat. Nicki says that she appreciated how open Mia was about her mother. Mia says that she’s in a better place with her mother. She’s even keeping her grandchildren now. Nicki wants to make it clear that it’s okay for people to make mistakes and change for the better like Mia’s mother did.

Mia says that she and Gordon do like to invite other women into the bedroom. But other men aren’t allowed.

Nicki questions if Ashley, Mia, and Karen would still pick their older husbands if they had $100 million in their bank accounts before meeting them.

Ashley says probably not because she was young and bartending when she met Michael. But Ashley says she was attracted to Michael’s looks and personality back then though. Karen says she would still be with Ray because he moved her soul. She knew he was the one when they met. Him having money didn’t hurt but she really loves him. Mia says she would have still been with Gordon and she would have still been a dancer, too. And she says that a club is only a strip club if they sell hot wings.

Nicki thinks Wendy is insecure and controlling.

Mia and Wendy clash a bit after Mia is asked why she insinuated that Eddie was attracted to her but afraid to say so during the couples’ games. Nicki agrees that Wendy was insecure at the moment.

Wendy is asked if it’s true that Eddie was following a bunch of booty models on Instagram. Producers show comparison screenshots that show Eddie unfollowed a lot of accounts after blogs reported on him allegedly following these women. But Wendy denies the reports were true.

Nicki asks Wendy if Eddie following booty models is why she got her booty done. She says no and it wouldn’t bother her if he was following booty models.

Candiace discusses Miss Dorothy and her music career.

Miss Dorothy comes up. Nicki says it seems as she wants to destroy Chris in front of the whole world. Nicki questions why Dorothy wasn’t checked for this and Candiace says she doesn’t want to disrespect Dorothy on television. Dorothy told Candiace that she was just saying stuff for television. And Candiace was so upset that they didn’t speak for a few weeks.

Nicki asks the ladies how successful they believed “Drive Back” was going to be. And she wonders if any of them thought it would go platinum. They didn’t but Candiace says that the track is number 24 on the R&B Billboard when it’s only been out for two months. And it got 500,000 streams. Candiace says she sold a little over 20,000 albums the first week.

Chris isn’t happy.

Candiace is then put on the spot by Nicki and asked why she uses auto tune on her songs. She says it’s just for artistic purposes. So Nicki asks her to sing “Drive Back” on the spot. However, Candiace freezes up. But she eventually does and everyone claps enthusiastically. Even Mia says she did good.

When the ladies take a break, Chris walks up to Candiace and says he doesn’t like the questions Nicki asked Candiace. But Andy and Gizelle tell Chris that Candiace did great. And Nicki asked everyone hard questions.

Regardless, Nicki ends the show on a good note. She calls all the ladies queens and they take a shot together for a great season.

After the episode airs, Nicki actually called out Chris on Twitter. Nicki wrote that Chris needs to “sit his a** down.”

Chris responded, saying he needs to do nothing else but support his wife Candiace.

Nicki Minaj Chris Bassett RHOP Reunion

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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  1. RHOP Fan

    November 28, 2021 at 11:27 pm

    Chris overreacted. Nicki wasn’t easy on anyone and honestly, she could have been much harder on Candiace.

  2. Valerie

    November 29, 2021 at 12:01 am

    Chris is the only husband who had a problem with Nicki. He always does the absolute most and I’m sure his actions don’t make things easier for Candiace. He should not have time to argue with fans, famous rappers and bloggers if they don’t kiss Candiace’s a-s. He should not have this kind of time on his hands.

  3. Queen

    November 29, 2021 at 12:11 am

    What questions bothered Chris?

  4. Amc3

    November 29, 2021 at 7:25 pm

    I am confused??? What questions were so bad that they pissed little Chris off? Nick’s questions are no different then Andy’s. Did Chris just want to be involved?? Stay out of the ladies business Chris!!

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