RHOP Newbie Keiarna Stewart Not Returning for Season 9 + Cast Begins Filming Next Week?

Kiearna RHOP Season 8
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

RHOP fans had a lot of complaints about Season 8.

Real Housewives of Potomac” is on hiatus after another controversial season. The cast was very divided. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon didn’t want to be around Wendy Osefo or Candiace Dillard Bassett. Candiace is done with Gizelle after the accusations she made about Chris Bassett. She also fell out with Robyn because she believed Robyn went along with the narrative about Chris to deflect attention from Juan Dixon’s actions. Newbie Nneka Ihim feuded with Wendy after Ashley Darby misconstrued a past conversation. Wendy didn’t appreciate Nneka accusing her Catholic mother of being a witch. According to Wendy, this type of accusation is very offensive to the Nigerian community.

RHOP fans quickly noticed that the cast was split into two groups. The GEB, Ashley, Nneka, and Mia Thornton are on one side. Then Karen Huger, Candiace, Wendy, and her friend Keiarna Stewart on the other. Keiarna was a newbie who also had friendly connections with Gizelle and Robyn that were established before she joined the cast.

The reunion was triggering for a lot of RHOP fans. They believe the light-skinned cast members mistreat their dark-skinned counterparts. So they felt a serious colorism issue was taking place. And they had a lot to say about this on social media. Some even expressed they will not watch Season 9. In their perspective, Candiace and Wendy were held accountable for things they weren’t even responsible for. Meanwhile, they didn’t think they saw much accountability from the light-skinned cast members. Gizelle even blamed Wendy, Candiace, and Keiarna for the altercation started by Ashley’s friend Deborah Williams.

Another publication is reporting Nneka Ihim will not be on the next season of RHOP.

After the reunion aired in full, Candiace and Robyn announced that they were leaving the show. Candiace left on her own to focus on her pregnancy. Robyn admitted that she was fired. It was also rumored Nneka was also not asked back. Now it’s being reported the RHOP cast will start filming the upcoming season next week according to TV Deets.

The publication is also reporting that Nneka and Keiarna will not be returning. Gizelle, Ashley, Mia, and Karen remain. But they are interested in bringing in new faces and have been test filming already.

It’s likely Bravo and RHOP producers wanted to get back to filming quickly to focus on Karen’s recent DUI charge.


  1. This show will never be goated like RHOA because the decisions made for it are always dumb. I don’t even care what happens now.

  2. RHOP needed a long break but I’m not watching anyway. I’ll only watch clips posted here at most. They killed this show off with stupid decisions, favoritism, and a weird attachment to colorism. I honestly think Bravo as a whole is in trouble. People are tired of the toxicity.

  3. So Keiarna is gone but Ashley is once again not held accountable for anything. I’m good on RHOP. I’ll watch Atlanta and Miami. Possibly Dubai. That’s it.

    1. Bravo missed the point. Gizelle and Ashkey should have both been ushered out along with Robin. It’s a non brainer for me not watching anymore

  4. I can’t shake the feeling that reality television is slowly dying out. And a lot of that is because of horrible producers.

  5. Production is ruining another show. Giselle is now a producer. The people Giselle blamed for the fight are gone. Only the the light skinned women are left. Yet, they don’t understand the colorists claims? Nneka the Bandits left you behind.

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