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‘Insecure’ Series Finale Recap: Time Jumps Show Growth for Issa & Friends

Insecure Season 5 Episode 10

Photo Credit: HBO

Nathan breaks up with Issa.

The episode begins with Issa and Nathan riding up to Issa’s apartment. Nathan’s distant as Issa wants to talk about the incident at Derek and Tiffany’s party. Nathan breaks his silence saying it wasn’t good and the altercation was embarrassing.

In fact, Nathan says he has to take a step back and it’s “toxic” to him. To all of that, Issa simply says, “Okay,” and gets out of the car to walk into her apartment by herself. Inside, Issa gets a text from Lawrence apologizing for what occurred at the party. Issa doesn’t respond, falling asleep on her couch.

In the morning, Molly stops by with food and liquor. Unfortunately, Issa’s not hungry and opts to head to the bathroom. Inside, her conscious reads her. Issa simply tells her conscious she wants to fast forward to the part of her life that’s okay.

Molly celebrates her birthday.

In the next scene, Molly’s celebrating her birthday with Issa, Taurean, their partners, and their family inside her apartment. Molly’s getting dressed and hasn’t made her appearance yet. Tiffany returned from Denver and Kelli’s extremely happy to see her, introducing her to her new boo; Desmond.

Eventually, Issa heads to Molly’s room to get her to hurry up. Of course, it comes out that Issa still feels bad after what happened with her and Nathan. Molly tells her to think about all of the things that occurred to get her up to this point.

Eventually, Molly comes out and everyone sings happy birthday to her. Kelli tells Issa she did a great job.

Speaking of surprises, Molly and Issa’s assistant throw a surprise birthday party for Issa at Crenshawn’s studio. Issa’s still single. Kelli and Molly find a guy for Issa to flirt with and Issa found newfound confidence to do so. Meanwhile, Kelli and Molly could possibly end up working together regarding estate plans. Molly’s firm wants an estate division. Meanwhile, Nathan shows up to the party.

Issa and Nathan go off to talk and Nathan presents a donation to her organization from everyone at the shop. Nathan also tells Issa that LA is starting to feel like home. Issa opens up about their time together and doesn’t want Nathan to regret anything. Nathan says he doesn’t and eventually leaves. Back at the party, Molly introduces Issa to a new guy.

Tiffany’s friends visit her in Denver.

Another time jump ensues and Issa, Kelli, and Molly are in Denver for Derek and Tiffany’s housewarming. Tiffany vents about Simone’s grandparents and Simone being the only black kid in her preschool. Oddly enough, Issa met a new guy and shows off the picture. It appears it’s the new guy Issa met at her birthday party.

Inside, Molly and Issa wonder if Tiffany’s really happy but are glad they made it out to Denver. Meanwhile, Issa comes across a photo of Lawrence and his son. This leads Molly to ask what Issa would’ve told him if Nathan didn’t interrupt. Issa says she didn’t know what she would’ve said. This conversation is cut short when Curtis calls Molly.

Their mom passed away.

Kelli’s pregnant.

Meanwhile, Lawrence gets a birthday call from his mom and dad. Oddly enough, they’re impressed with Condola. Interestingly enough, their call got cut short by Issa. He clicks over and they begin the small talk. Eventually, Issa finally opens up to Lawrence and asks to take him out on his birthday. He does have plans unfortunately for Issa. She then cuts the call short and calls Molly. To make things worse, Lawrence has a new fling.

After the next time jump, it’s Kelli’s birthday. Kelli and Desmond are hosting a dinner and Issa has a date. His name is Nasir. Derek and Tiffany are there also.

Tiffany asks Issa and Nasir how they met and their stories seemingly don’t match up. At the party, Desmond and Kelli announce they are pregnant. Tiffany’s really excited about the news yet Issa feels lonely. Later on, Issa’s at her apartment with Nasir in new lingerie. She calls Molly but goes to voicemail once more. Issa gets a pep talk from her conscience. But Lawrence calls. She decides not to pick up.

Another year passes and Molly’s celebrating another birthday. Molly’s still grieving the passing of her mom and tells Issa she misses her. Meanwhile, Issa’s in her new office for Blocc. Kelli works at the firm in the Estate division now and Kelli encourages Molly to go home and enjoy her birthday. Later that night, Lawrence stops by Issa’s office.

Issa gives Lawrence a tour of the office, which was skimp but Lawrence is impressed. He brings up where Issa came from to where she is now. Issa tells Lawrence how she was led to believe that everything would work out professionally.

The conversation leads to Lawrence and Issa getting back together.

Molly and Taurean get married.

One year passes and Molly and Taurean made a huge jump. Everyone is at their wedding reception and Molly’s girls are her bridesmaids. Lawrence’s at the reception and passes a glass of champagne to Issa. The reception party gets underway and everyone is dancing. Later that evening, Issa’s helping Molly get out of her wedding dress and Issa tells Molly she’s happy for her. Molly thanks Issa for everything and breaks down in tears during the process. This causes Issa to shed tears of her own.

Issa and Lawrence are engaged.

Another time jump ensues and Issa makes moves with her organization and even got a new car. She drives past her old apartment and sees Thug Yoda with his daughter. She then drives by Maverick Flats and We Got Us. She also sees a guy wearing a Best Buy polo. She makes it home and sees Lawrence with his son. Lawrence wishes her a happy birthday and shows her a cake they decorated for her.

She’s about to head on a date with Lawrence when Molly calls from her honeymoon. During the call, it comes out that Issa’s engaged. During their talk, Molly makes a reference to Issa’s infamous diss rap from the series’ pilot.

The two share a laugh as Issa heads out on the date with Lawrence.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Queen

    December 27, 2021 at 10:19 am

    It’s bittersweet because I got the ending I wanted for Molly and Issa. I just wish all the episodes were as great as the last two. I’ll miss this show. Truly the end of an era.

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