GUHH Recap: Treach is Fed Up with Egypt and Sam + Cree Goes Off on Tee Tee

GUHH Season 6 episode 21 Recap
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During the season premiere of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Egypt and Sam are in hot water with the Law and more surprisingly, Treach. Treach learns from Tyran that Egypt and Sam had an altercation in Las Vegas that turned violent. As a result, Sam was arrested and somehow a gun was involved. This revelation disappoints Treach who feels Egypt violated his trust by not being transparent. He also vents to Layzie Bone.

Meanwhile, JoJo and Tanice welcomed their newborn son home and Angela’s moving to Georgia. Angela’s news surprises everyone but they understand why she’s making the jump.

Lil Twist also has legal problems of his own and gets an ear full from his mentor Mack Maine.

Lastly, Cree and Tee Tee have a tense discussion about comments Tee Tee made to Vanessa about Cree last season. During the back and forth, Cree calls Tee Tee a bully.

Here’s the recap for, “Legacy Will Not Be Built.”

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