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GUHH Recap: Treach is Fed Up with Egypt and Sam + Cree Goes Off on Tee Tee

GUHH Season 6 episode 21

Photo Credit: WE tv

Treach learns of Egypt and Sam’s latest legal drama.

The new season begins with Tyran training in his studio when Treach and his wife Cicely come by. Tyran lets Treach knows that Tee Tee and Egypt haven’t talked. Speaking of Egypt, Treach isn’t happy with her or Sam. Apparently, Egypt and Sam were allegedly involved in a physical altercation that led to an arrest.

Treach is worried because the altercation included Egypt fighting and there could’ve been gunplay that led to one of them getting seriously injured.

Twist’s in the studio when Mack Maine stops by the studio and learns Twist is in some legal trouble. He got caught with a gun while visiting family in Dallas. Twist is a felon and it can result in him going to prison for a long time. Mack Maine digs into him, telling Twist he should’ve been moving better and he needs to get his stuff together.

Angela’s moving to Georgia.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Angela’s partying on a yacht with Cree, Vanessa, and a few of Cree’s friends. While on the yacht, Angela lets them know she’s going to be moving to Georgia. Angela feels the move will be better for her son SJ as his family is there and she’ll have a support system. Vanessa’s surprised as Angela revealed she got home in Georgia and she suspects there’s a guy Angela’s involved with.

Back in LA, Treach is in a pool hall when Layzie Bone stops in for a game. They talk about their families and vent about their kids feeling entitled. In fact, Lazie reveals he was shot in the head at the age of 16. They then begin reminiscing about their times with Tupac and Eazy E. Both understand that the streets aren’t forgiving and they don’t want their kids to follow that part of their paths. This includes also not beefing with anyone.

JoJo and Tanice introduce Baby Joey to Angela and Vanessa.

In New York, Tanice and JoJo are at home with their newborn baby Joey. They’re stressed and it’s affecting their relationship. While they’re eating, Tanice lets JoJo know she’ll need him to not forget about her career. This leads to a tense conversation between the two. Eventually, the couple comes to an agreement. It’s at this point Angela stops in to see her newborn nephew.

Angela tells JoJo and Tanice that she’s moving to Georgia. Later on, Vanessa stops by as well and Angela invites them to a ladies’ night that she and Cree are hosting.

Cree calls Tee Tee a Bully.

It’s time for the ladies’ night out and even Tee Tee shows up. Of course, Angela lets them know she’s moving to Georgia next week. Vanessa shows up leaving Cree the last one to appear. Cree’s the last one shows up and of course, there’s tension present as soon as she sits down. In fact, Cree brings up the tension, and Angela excuses herself stage left and tells the cameramen not to follow her. 

Cree brings up what Tee Tee said about Cree to Vanessa last season. But for Tee Tee, it’s above her and she’s over it. But then, things get tense when Tee Tee and Cree bring up their Twitter beef and how Cree calls Tee Tee a bully. Specifically, Cree says she bullies Egypt and Sam.

Despite this, Tee Tee’s doing her best to keep it cool, and eventually, Cree gets up and leaves.

Treach’s really frustrated with Egypt and Sam.

The next day, Egypt meets with Treach and Cicely. Egypt’s birthday just passed and her parents come bearing gifts. But the positivity doesn’t last too long. First, when Egypt tells them she’s been MMA fighting, Treach rolls her eyes. Then, Treach gets shady in bringing up her and Sam’s physical altercation and legal trouble. Luckily for them, Sam’s out on bail. Overall, Treach’s not happy he didn’t hear about it.

Egypt opens up and tells them that she and Sam got drunk on the Las Vegas Strip when the altercation occurred. She then gets mum when she doesn’t confirm or deny that someone had a gun. Cicely then brings up Sam’s bad rep and Treach is so angry, he walks out. It’s at this point Cicely lets Egypt know Treach might be at his wit’s end about Sam.

Eventually, Treach returns and lets Egypt know she needs to be open about this so he can help her. He then gives Egypt a sobering piece of reality; police don’t need much of an excuse to hurt them.

This leaves Egypt quiet.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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