Mariah Huq Has an Update for Those Who Miss Her on ‘Married to Medicine’

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Mariah Huq’s feud with Quad Webb was a hot topic for years.

Married to Medicine” star Mariah Huq created the show years ago. On the first season, she referred to herself as the Queen Bee. And she was responsible for putting together most of the original cast. What fans paid attention to most during season one was Mariah’s close friendship with Quad Webb. They were best friends well before the show. However, their friendship was tested during season 2. Both questioned each other’s loyalty. Quad heard Mariah was talking behind her back. Mariah had the same suspicions about Quad. Unfortunately, they were never able to get their friendship back on track. In fact, things actually worsened between them. The tension was so thick that the rest of the cast couldn’t escape it. For them, it became really uncomfortable to film with both women.

At the peak of their feud, Quad accused Mariah of telling blogs that she slept with Mariah’s former brother-in-law. When Mariah was asked about this at the reunion, she said she had nothing to do with the reports. However, she did suspect that Quad did the dirty deed.

Mariah Huq’s exit from “Married to Medicine” was very messy.

Quad clapped back by accusing Mariah of abusing drugs. She went on to do an interview with the Jasmine Brand where she said that Mariah’s alleged drug use was something producers know about. However, no one else on the cast would back up Quad’s claims. Producers didn’t release any statements. So Mariah took multiple drug tests to prove her sobriety.

As the feud waged on, producers decided it would be best to remove Mariah from the show. And she has said that she believes the drug accusations were a plot to push her off the show she created. So she wanted to move forward with a lawsuit.

Some “Married to Medicine” fans are outraged about Mariah’s departure. They have started a petition and urged supporters to boycott the show.

Well, Mariah recently shared a message for those who are missing her presence.

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