‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Jojo Simmons Calls Out His Wife Tanice Simmons

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Jojo Simmons and Tanice Simmons have some tension on GUHH.

Jojo Simmons and his wife Tanice Simmons are getting adjusted to their newborn son. The “Growing Up Hip Hop” couple is happy about expanding their family. However, they are clashing a lot more than usual. On the upcoming episode, Jojo and Tanice have some tension while he’s under the weather. Jojo wanted Tanice to go to the store to get him some medication. However, she is tired. And she says she needs some time to rest because she’s been caring for their son.

In the preview, Jojo says, “You think if you lay him down and I watch him, while you run and get me like medicine? I just really feel like I may need something to knock this cold. I haven’t taken any medicine. And it just doesn’t feel like it’s getting any better. 
Target is is right up the block. Or you could take a stroll with him in the stroller. It’s a good day. He just woke up, he might want that.”

He adds, “I was sweating last night…I got a headache.”

Tanice says that she can put their son down for a nap and go then. But it’s not quite fast enough for Jojo who has been feeling bad for hours, “I can wait but I really feel like I need some type of medication right now.”

Tanice then asks Jojo, “Do you have like a little bit of strength to get up?”

Jojo is upset at this point. “You just asked me if I had energy to go or order it. I’m telling you I don’t want to wait 5 hours for medicine.”

Tanice attempts to calm Jojo down and expresses once again that she’s tired, “I told you I was going to go. But I said I would go. I’m just tired. Look, I tried to make your tea. I am trying my best.” She continued, “I get you don’t feel well. I’m not coming at you.”


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In another preview, Jojo tells Tanice she’s not paying enough attention to him. And she needs to learn how to balance being a wife and mother.

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