GUHH Stars Egypt Criss & Sam Wright Respond to Pregnancy Speculation After Vegas Wedding

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Sam Wright and Egypt Criss are used to being a hot topic on GUHH.

Growing Up Hip Hop” stars Egypt Criss and Sam Wright have a controversial romance. When Sam first appeared on the show, Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis began to have her suspicions. So did Briana Latrise once she learned that Sam has children. With Sam being a music artist himself, Tee Tee and Briana felt he could just be using Egypt. And they believed it was possible Sam was using Egypt to advance his career. They wasted no time telling Egypt what they really thought about Sam. At first, Egypt wanted to maintain all of her relationships. But when it became clear that Tee Tee tried to prevent Sam from proposing, Egypt said Tee Tee went way too far. So her relationship with Tee Tee fell apart.

The whole family has been affected by Tee Tee and Egypt’s fallout. In fact, things are now also strained between Pepa and Tee Tee’s mother Maureen Denton. Pepa’s son Tyran Moore has been stuck in the middle since he’s on good terms with Egypt and Tee Tee. But it hasn’t been easy for him to witness the divide and both women even refrain from going to each other’s weddings. Especially since Tee Tee and Egypt were so close. And Tee Tee even helped raise Egypt while Pepa was on the road touring.

Well, Sam and Egypt continue to keep fans speculating now that they are officially married. And some have been wondering if Egypt is pregnant and that’s why they tied the knot in Las Vegas. Recently, the newlyweds responded to the speculation.

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