GUHH Star Briana Latrise Says Altercation with Egypt Criss Led to Raise

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Briana Latrise’s altercation with Egypt Criss resulted in an increase in pay.

Briana Latrise was furious after she was physically attacked by Egypt Criss on “Growing Up Hip Hop.” Their friendship fell apart after Briana became suspicious of Sam Wright. After exchanging words while filming, Egypt punched Briana. Although Egypt said she was defending herself because she felt like Briana was about to hit her, Briana sees it differently. And she accused Egypt of sneaking her.

Since the heated moment, Egypt and Briana have not filmed any scenes together. At this point, it doesn’t seem as if they will ever be able to be cordial again.

Interestingly enough, Briana discussed the situation on Instagram Live.

“I punched out a lot of walls. And I broke every nail on every finger. I fought two very large men for over an hour…At one point, a producer walked up to me and was like, ‘Briana, calm down.’ And I snatched his chain off his neck and threw it. I was like, ‘I’ll f*ck you up too, n*gga.'” She continued, “You can’t calm me down at that point, you have violated me repeatedly.”

She added, “So I called my father like, ‘Yo, my life is in jeopardy…they don’t understand I’ma catch a case.'”

Briana said her father Kendu Isaacs was able to make some things happen. “So my father didn’t even show up. He’s such a gangsta. He called me and said, ‘Put me on speaker.’ And I put it down on the table. And he dropped one name and everything changed. Everything changed. I’ve been hosting the show ever since. They upped the f*ck out of my pay because I was like I’m not gonna come back. And they didn’t put me in those motherf*cking situations again and they know better.”

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