GUHH Star Briana Latrise Says Altercation with Egypt Criss Led to Raise

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Briana Latrise’s altercation with Egypt Criss was a hot topic on social media.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Briana LaTrise has had some heated moments on the show. However, her most controversial moment was the physical altercation between her and Egypt Criss. The two women fell out after Briana became critical of Sam Wright. Although Sam said his intentions for Egypt were pure, Briana and Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis had their doubts. In fact, they believed that Sam was using Egypt to advance his music career.  Egypt wasn’t feeling the criticism. And she saw it as an unfair attack on Sam. At the height of the drama, Egypt and Briana had a heated conversation. It ended with Egypt punching Briana in the face. Security intervened before Briana could return the violence.

Egypt defended her actions. She told her mother Pepa that she only attacked Briana because she felt threatened. And she sensed that Briana would hit her first so she was only defending herself. Briana said she had no intention of putting her hands on Egypt. And she was letting the producers know they needed to break things up when she said she was taking her rings off. That was a code phrase they agreed to use ahead of filming the scene if Briana was feeling uncomfortable.

Interestingly enough, Briana strongly believes Sam got in Egypt’s head and provoked the situation. But the heated moment led to a pay increase.

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