GUHH Recap: Tee Tee Breaks Down Just Days Before Wedding + Eric Confronts Layzie Bone

GUHH Season 6 episode 28 recap
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Shawn and Tee Tee arrive in Miami stressed.

It’s almost time for Shawn and Tee Tee’s wedding and the couple is at the hotel in Miami with their son Leath. Tee Tee’s stressing out and Shawn fell asleep in the lobby. Tee Tee woke Shawn up via text. When they get into the car, there is tension.

Back in LA, Jojo is out shopping when his sisters Angela and Vanessa join him. While shopping, Jojo tells them about the drama between him and Tanice. Jojo feels neglected but Angela and Vanessa side with Tanice. Angela tells him both of them need to talk to one another. On another note, Angela tells Jojo and Vanessa she’s going to freeze her eggs.

Eric learns of Layzie Bone’s involvement with the documentary.

Meanwhile, Eric runs into his uncles at the barbershop. These uncles are Eric Wright’s brothers and they bring up his sister’s documentary. They discuss how Layzie Bone was in it and that surprises him. Eric has so much respect for Layzie so it’s disappointing to learn about his involvement with his sister’s documentary without hearing from him first.

Back in Miami, Shawn’s with his groomsmen and barber when Tyran arrives. Of course, Tyran brings up his conversation with Pepa about going to the wedding. In fact, he told Egypt and Pepa to show up and Shawn’s glad they didn’t take Tyran’s advice.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah and Vanessa are out with Tanice. Jojo’s home with the kids. While hanging out, they talk about their husbands and Tee Tee and Shawn’s wedding. Vanessa brings up that she, unfortunately, couldn’t make it because of work. She feels bad about it and wants to really make it up to Tee Tee.

Aaliyah, Tanice, and Vanessa vent about their significant others.

Tanice lets Aaliyah and Vanessa know about the tension between her and Jojo. In fact, the vibe is so off according to Tanice, they aren’t even talking. She also feels both of them aren’t sharing the burdens of housework. Jojo mentioned he wanted Tanice to be a stay-at-home wife but Tanice doesn’t want that lifestyle. She also feels insecure about Jojo’s dealings with his artists. Vanessa tells Tanice that she changed Jojo and he couldn’t do anything he’s doing without her. This brings tears to everyone’s eyes.

Eric has an honest conversation with Layzie Bone.

The next day, Eric runs into Layzie Bone outside the dispensary in Las Vegas. Eric expresses his disappointment about Layzie’s involvement in the documentary. Layzie apparently thought he knew about it. He also didn’t know that the whole Eric Wright family wasn’t involved. Layzie did feel hurt when Eric said it was a betrayal for him not to tell Eric about it.

Ironically, Eric is glad he did talk to him about it and the conversation was helpful with maintaining their bond. 

Back in Miami, Lil Twist is in Miami with a date and he’s extremely excited about it. Jojo and Tanice arrive at the hotel together and Briana shows up later on. Briana heads straight to the bar as she’s glad to be in Miami after her altercation with the police. Meanwhile, Shawn and Tee Tee are taking wedding pictures.

Shawn and Tee Tee’s guests arrive in Miami.

At the hotel, Jojo is shocked Twist showed up with a girlfriend. He also learns Twist also got her name tattooed on his back. Jojo tells Twist about a surprise he has for Tanice that’s going to happen after the wedding.

As more family arrives two days before the wedding, Tee Tee’s extremely excited. Her grandmother showed up which was a major goal for her. Unfortunately, her excitement subsides when Shawn goes to a party with his groomsmen and friends. She tells him not to drink too much as he has rehearsal in the morning. But Jojo, Tyran, and Twist may have other plans.

In her suit, Briana gives Tee Tee a pep talk. She then heads off to talk to Shawn and meets up with Tee Tee’s cousin Chris. Briana admits she may end up hooking up with Chris. Back in Tee Tee’s bridal suite, she’s getting advice. Meanwhile, Shawn appears to be having a real good time with the drinks. Tee Tee’s other cousin Zach joins in on the festivities.

Shawn consoles Tee Tee.

In the morning, Tee Tee is concerned about the rain in the forecast, and a red tent is placed over where her wedding would be. Shawn’s near and he feels Tee Tee’s freaking out for no reason. Despite this, the rehearsal goes on. Things get worse when a bruise shows up on Tee Tee’s face after a facial she had. 

She heads back to the suite with her mom and she’s extremely irritated. Shawn arrives as Tee Tee breaks down because of it and he consoles her. Eventually, Shawn helps turn Tee Tee’s tears into laughter.

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