Egypt Criss & Sam Wright Have a Prenup + Egypt Didn’t Want to Leave GUHH After Altercation

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Egypt Criss and Sam Wright have a prenup in place.

Egypt Criss is now a married woman. The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star married Sam Wright in Las Vegas recently. Although the couple is happy to have made things official, some fans of the show have been critical. They still aren’t convinced that Sam is the right person for Egypt. And they believe that Sam is just using Egypt to aid his own career.

Interestingly enough, Egypt opened up about the special day when she recently appeared on “The Real” with her mother Pepa.

She was asked what is the best advice she received from Pepa before the wedding. In response to this question, Egypt said, “Definitely to get that prenup.”

Egypt continued, “Yeah that was definitely the main advice that she was adamant about because it makes sense. Everything in this system has a government, so you know, we have to make sure we’re safe. You know, it’s love…it doesn’t really matter, just gotta take precaution.”

Egypt Criss didn’t want to leave the show after her altercation with Briana Latrise.

Pepa explained why she pushed Egypt to get a prenup, “I think it’s very important because it’s like, yes, we know we’re in love. But sadly for me, you know, I’ve been in a couple of marriages. And I just think that should not be a problem because it shouldn’t be the focus of the government. You get your license before you even walk down that aisle with the family and friends.”

She added, “And to me, it’s too messy. If it’s about love, it’s about love and we don’t have to be discussing what’s mine, what’s yours, what’s us. It should just be set because you go for the positive. You wish that it lasts forever. But anything can happen, not that you just break up over anything…anything can happen.”

Egypt also talked about why she decided to stay on GUHH after she and Sam announced they were leaving the show. For Egypt, she didn’t want to leave after her controversial altercation with Briana Latrise.

“Being that I was one of the original cast members, I was just like I cannot go out like that. I can’t…I don’t want my story to end there and leaving people to think that was the narrative. So I was just like I’m not going to let this take me out of what I helped start. I wanted to take control again, set the story straight.”

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    1. Thank you. That’s the exact word that I would use to describe Sam.
      He’s a Svengali.
      Egypt will wake up one day.

  1. Why would you allow a bis-xual older man with two kids to marry your young daughter? I find that a little crazy y’all are confused! There’s no way in the world. This guy has your best interest at heart and you can see it. He’s trying to advance his career obvious to the people watching.

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