Egypt Criss & Sam Wright Have a Prenup + Egypt Didn’t Want to Leave GUHH After Altercation

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Egypt Criss is confident that she has real love with Sam Wright.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Egypt Criss receives a lot of criticism for her relationship. In fact, some people feel like Sam Wright is using Egypt to help his career. He has denied this. And Egypt strongly disagrees that he’s not with her for the right reasons. Although the two lovebirds are confident that the love they have is real, some of the other people on GUHH still aren’t convinced. In fact, Briana Latrise and Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis have both called out Sam. This has led to a lot of tension. Egypt may have been close to both ladies at one point in time, however, she’s no longer in a good place with either as of now.

When it comes to Tee Tee, Egypt decided to fight back by hurling her own accusations in Tee Tee’s direction. After their aunt said they heard Tee Tee’s boo Shawn Rogers cheated, Egypt shared this with the group. Tee Tee was upset. And she felt as if Egypt crossed the line that family shouldn’t cross. As for Egypt, she also accused Tee Tee of trying to hurt her image and steal her fans. Sitdowns have not been successful. So Tee Tee and Egypt didn’t even attend each other’s weddings.

Egypt’s fallout with Briana was even more controversial because it eventually became physical. Although Briana said she was sucker-punched by Egypt, Egypt said Briana was the one who was aggressive first. So she only punched Briana to defend herself.

Since the fallouts, Egypt no longer films with Briana. And she doesn’t see much of Tee Tee either. Regardless, Egypt still has reasons to celebrate. She’s still glowing after marrying Sam in Las Vegas. And while some GUHH fans have been critical about them getting married, Egypt isn’t too concerned. In fact, she recently confirmed that she and Sam actually have a prenup.

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    1. Thank you. That’s the exact word that I would use to describe Sam.
      He’s a Svengali.
      Egypt will wake up one day.

  1. Why would you allow a bis-xual older man with two kids to marry your young daughter? I find that a little crazy y’all are confused! There’s no way in the world. This guy has your best interest at heart and you can see it. He’s trying to advance his career obvious to the people watching.

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