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GUHH Recap: Disaster Almost Strikes Tee Tee & Shawn’s Wedding + Pepa Extends Olive Branch

GUHH Season 6 Episode 29 Recap

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Pepa writes a letter to Lauren.

It’s Tee Tee’s wedding day and she’s in her makeup chair four hours until the ceremony begins. To make things even more stressful, Pepa sends Tee Tee a text message. Tee Tee ignores the message and gives it to Maureen to read. She’s not letting anything Pepa sent her take away from her wedding.

Meanwhile, Lil Twist is enjoying herself with his girlfriend Maia while eating in the middle of a storm. Twist can’t wait to introduce Maia to all of his friends and the cast. But before he does, Maia encourages Twist to ride down a pool slide in the middle of the storm.

Two and half hours before the wedding, Tyran goes to visit Tee Tee in her wedding suite to check in on her. The text was supposed to be a letter she was supposed to handwrite. Tee Tee jokes with Tyran about someone writing it for her. Despite joking about it, Tee Tee does say it’s a sweet letter. Tyran is hopeful the two of them will sit down and squash the beef. Tee Tee’s open and wishes she sent this sooner.

Treach keeps it real with Sam.

As the wedding goes down, Treach calls Egypt and Sam. They didn’t go to the wedding so Sam and Egypt are in their home studio. Sam has a fight coming up and Treach criticizes him about his incident and gun charges. Treach reminds him that he’s “still a n***a in America,” and he failed to keep Egypt safe. In fact, Treach reminds him of the promise Sam made to keep Egypt safe.

Sam takes full responsibility and he apologizes for everything that went down. Treach then lets Sam know about the talks Egypt had with labels and how they want to work with Egypt alone. At the end of their convo, Sam promises Treach that he will make things right.

It’s 90 minutes until the wedding and Tee Tee realizes she misplaced her engagement ring. This adds even more panic as she has everyone go into panic mode and they retrace her steps. Meanwhile, Shawn and his groomsmen are relaxed and drinking. He mentioned he went into Tee Tee’s room before the ceremony, breaking tradition. Jojo stops by and helps Shawn write his vows.

Tee Tee finally recovers her engagement ring.

After searching one hour for the ring, Tee Tee realizes she left it in a robe housekeeping took to wash.

Eventually, the guests arrive at the wedding venue including the cast. Briana walks in and gushes over Tee Tee’s cousin Chris. Tyran also takes yet another Covid test.

Back at the suite, Tee Tee’s coming to the realization that she really lost her ring. News of the ring going missing reaches Shawn who’s on his way to the venue. He vents to Tee Tee’s cousin Chris that he told her not to do anything with the ring until after the ceremony as he was in the process of ensuring the jewelry.

Back in Las Vegas, Sam celebrated a win during his Celebrity Boxing match with Egypt and Treach ringside.

Moments before Tee Tee concedes defeat, the hotel calls the suite to let them know the engagement ring was found. With the ring on her left finger, she heads down to the venue with her bridesmaids in tow.

Tee Tee finally is a married woman.

As the ceremony is underway, Tee Tee is walked down the aisle by her uncle Michael Watts. Things get awkward yet again when their son Laith cries. Shawn goes to pick him up and completes the ceremony while he holds Laith. He even presents his vows while holding both Laith and Tee Tee. Tee Tee then reads her vows to Shawn.

The rest of the ceremony goes off without a hitch and this leads to the reception. Things get awkward when Maureen reads a letter from a family member. Tee Tee suspects it’s from Pepa and she’s correct. Tee Tee does wish things were better between her and Pepa. As the reception goes on, Twist gets his chance to introduce Maia to Jojo and Shawn.

Meanwhile, Jojo does say he wished Egypt and Pepa did make it and Shawn says they’ll regret all having this beef. Meanwhile, Jojo tells Tanice to meet him tomorrow night for something special. In her interview, she realizes she needs to fight for her marriage. Lastly, her cousin Chris tells Tee Tee she needs to “put pride aside” and talk to their aunt Pepa.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. octlibra

    March 4, 2022 at 4:28 pm

    Tee Tee looked fabulous and so did Shawn. I still don’t understand why she took her engagement ring off to wash her face.
    I’m happy she didn’t let Pepa’s note disturb her groove. She’s done. Her fam needs to let her be done. There are some things you can’t say I’m sorry for. Forgive and forget? Please.

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