RHOA Fans Debate About Porsha Williams & Kandi Burruss over ‘Kandi & the Gang’ Ratings

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Kandi Burruss started a reality show about the OLG brand.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has opened up plenty about her life on the show. And she’s never shied away from controversial moments. In fact, Kandi was open about her romance with Todd Tucker. This is the case even though it was hurtful to see Todd clash with Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce wasn’t convinced that Todd was with Kandi for honest reasons. In fact, she thought Todd was using Kandi for her wealth. Plus, she questioned if he was even faithful. She told Kandi that she heard that Todd was messing around with Kandi’s friend Carmon Cambrice. So while the cameras were rolling, Mama Joyce hurled a shoe in Carmon’s direction. Both Todd and Carmon denied the accusations.

This of course was a very controversial moment on the show years ago. And after NeNe Leakes said it wasn’t a good look, she clashed with Kandi over her comments at the reunion.

Since then, Kandi and Todd have come a very long way. They have two biological children together. Plus, they have become business partners multiple times over. In fact, it was Todd’s idea to start their OLG restaurant. They now have three locations in the Metro Atlanta area.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for OLG. So Kandi decided to start a reality show to focus on the ins and outs of the challenging venture.

Interestingly enough, ratings for the “Kandi & the Gang” series premiere are a hot topic on social media.

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  1. I think Porsha’s fans need to calm down. She benefited from that RHOA DVR tag and ratings dropped every week to the point that RHOSLC had more viewers. People aren’t interested in these spinoffs. They are barely interested in RHOA and that was while Porsha was on the show. The Atlanta show is in serious trouble.

  2. Porsha’s ratings weren’t good either. So if the brag is Porsha’s show flopped less, is that really brag worthy? I enjoyed Kandi’s show. But I can understand if more people aren’t interested. The show is more so about Kandi’s employees and mom/aunts.

  3. They seriously need to stop with these spinoffs. The effort should go into making RHOA watchable again.

  4. People shouldn’t be surprised. Kandi’s target demographic doesn’t watch RHOSLC so that shouldn’t have been the lead in. Also, there was no fist fight in the trailer or scandal like PFM. ??‍♀️

  5. I told y’all I would be waiting for these ratings. Yikes. This is bad and no PR rep can spin this.

  6. Kandi and Porsha both agreed to spin-offs that made them look bad and they probably wouldn’t have gotten them if NeNe didn’t accuse Bravo of racism. The whole situation is a mess honestly.

  7. No shade but I think the target demographic was too busy watching Joseline’s show or something scripted. A lot of reality shows are struggling and people won’t watch unless it’s full of drama. Porsha definitely benefited from her messy a-s engagement and beef with Dennis.

  8. These numbers aren’t good but I believe Kandi said this show was getting multiple seasons. So she’s straight regardless and Porsha’s show was not renewed so I’m not sure why her stans are being messy on Twitter. Kandi always comes out on top because she’s not a bad person. It is what it is.

  9. Porsha’s stans have become as annoying as Kenya’s stans. Let’s be honest, RHOP flopped hard last season while Kandi, Kenya, and Porsha were on the show. Spin-offs were a stupid idea right now. And if Porsha wasn’t engaged to her ex coworker’s husband, she wouldn’t have gotten the viewership she did. Then it became the Dennis show because Simon and Porsha were too boring to be real. Not like her ratings were anything to brag about anyway. RHOA and all spin-offs related to it will flop until they make the show interesting again. They have to get the cast right.

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