GUHH Recap: Pepa Says She Enables Egypt + Tee Tee & Pepa Hash Things Out

GUHH Season 6 Episode 30
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Shawn encourages Tee Tee to talk to Pepa.

The wedding is over and Shawn and Tee Tee are relieved. Especially since Tee Tee almost misplaced her engagement ring. As they are on the beach recapping the wedding, Tee Tee brings up how Maureen read Pepa’s letter at the reception. Tee Tee felt the letter was sincere yet reluctantly agrees with Shawn that she needs to call her aunt. She also recalls her cousin Chris giving her the same advice.

Speaking of Chris, he’s been spending quality time with Briana in LA. They are cooking together and Briana’s impressed with his seasoning. She’s also impressed with Chris flying across the country to spend time with one another. 

Interestingly enough, Briana didn’t realize he is Pepa’s nephew. He brings up how she doesn’t like Sam at all. Chris explains that she needs to be okay with cordial with him as he and Sam will be family. He then invites her to accompany him to his grandmother’s 94th birthday. Briana hesitates to accept.

Jojo fights for his marriage.

Later on, Jojo and Tanice have a very special setup for him and Tanice. He transformed their hotel suite into an intimate space for dinner. Jojo wanted to set this special dinner up as a way to help release the tension between him and Tanice. His gesture really moves Tanice to apologize for not being the “best wife.’ She then admits to experiencing issues after her pregnancy.

Jojo consoles Tanice and lets her know he will support her no matter what. Overall, Tanice is appreciative of the gesture including a drawn bath with roses in the bathroom.

The next day, Maureen and Tee Tee are out together in Florida. Maureen lets Tee Tee know Pepa will be joining them and Tee Tee puts her guard up and tells Maureen she needs to keep her sister in line. Eventually, Pep shows up, and Pepa and Tee Tee are cordial. Of course, the text message comes up and Pepa explains her thoughts behind the letter, which included prayer.

Of course, the topic of Egypt and Sam comes up and Maureen says Egypt is rude and out of order. Interestingly enough, Pepa feels Maureen has a point about Egypt. Overall, the conversation was good.

Eric and Aaliyah are concerned about the drama.

Back in Los Angeles, Aaliyah and Eric are out with their family at the batting cages. While the kids play, Eric is planning a celebration for his dad in light of the documentary his sister put out. They want to invite everyone but Aaliyah is concerned about tension between the cast members. Eric is hopeful everyone will show up and party together.

Later on, Eric and Sakoya are at the studio with Layzie Bone and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Eric’s rehearsing with Bone and Sakoya visited them all. Interestingly enough, Eric and Sakoya talk about Tee Tee’s wedding. As they contemplate why they weren’t invited, Eric brings up how he and Tee Tee have a past. He claims there was “mutual attraction” between them before Shawn was in the picture.

Meanwhile, Sakoya wants to talk to Tee Tee to squash any tensions between them. Eric then uses this opportunity to invite Sakoya to his party.

Briana and Pepa bury the hatchet.

Back in Florida, Maureen and Pepa are celebrating their mom’s 94th birthday. Tee Tee’s there and Egypt called in on a family Zoom. When Egypt’s on the phone, Tee Tee walks outside. Just then, Chris walks over with Briana by his side, surprising Tee Tee. When they walk inside, Maureen’s surprised and Pepa’s irritated. Despite the tension, Chris is a gentleman and makes Briana a plate. While they’re eating, Chris shouts out to Pepa that they need to talk, to which Pepa reluctantly agrees.

When Pepa walks over, Chris mentions that Briana is going to be around and he wants them to squash any beef between them. To lighten the mood, Pepa asks them if they “did it?”

When Chris walks away, they get serious. Briana mentions how her jokes about Sam being a bum were insensitive. But overall, their conversation goes good and they hug it out. 

Meanwhile, Tee Tee’s still unsure what it would take for her and Egypt to make amends.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. I do not like how Eric dropped that information about him & Tee-Tee to another person, What purpose did it serve, neither of them were invited to the wedding for Covid reasons probably. Eric & Shawn are on such a different level I doubt TT would be wondering what she had missed in Eric. Yuck.

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