GUHH Recap: Pepa Says She Enables Egypt + Tee Tee & Pepa Hash Things Out

GUHH Season 6 Episode 30 Recap
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On tonight’s, “Growing Up Hip Hop,” the wedding is behind Shawn and Tee Tee. This gives time for Tee Tee to focus on her other relationships with her family.

She finally has a sit down with Maureen and Pepa and they seemingly bury the hatchet, ready to move on from their drama. Tee Tee then meets her cousin Chris and Briana who’s in attendance and their grandmother’s 94th birthday in Florida. Apparently, Chris and Briana have a budding romance.

But despite her and Pepa squashing beef, Tee Tee’s not sure if this will happen between her and Egypt.

Speaking of Briana, Pepa put their beef behind themselves also. At the urging of Chris, Briana and Pepa have their long-awaited sit-down.

Lastly, Eric and Aaliyah discuss the tension between not only Tee Tee, Sam, and Egypt, but they are also concerned about the continuing drama between Cree, Sakoya, and Savannah popping off at a party Eric’s planning. Jojo works to resolve the drama behind him and Tanice within their marriage.

Here’s the recap for, “Beef N Pepa.”

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  1. I do not like how Eric dropped that information about him & Tee-Tee to another person, What purpose did it serve, neither of them were invited to the wedding for Covid reasons probably. Eric & Shawn are on such a different level I doubt TT would be wondering what she had missed in Eric. Yuck.

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