GUHH Star Egypt Criss Says Tee Tee Doesn’t Want to Admit She Was Wrong About Sam Wright

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The accusations made by Sam Wright were the last straw for Tee Tee.

Egypt Criss and Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis’ fallout played out on “Growing Up Hip Hop.” The two cousins were very close until Tee Tee made it clear she wasn’t in support of Egypt’s romance with Sam Wright. Tee Tee doesn’t trust Sam. And she suspected Sam was only pursuing Egypt because he had a music career he wanted to get off the ground. Sam and Egypt have denied this. In fact, Sam said he had his own success with his music well before he met Egypt.

Sam would eventually make his own accusations about Tee Tee. He told Egypt and Pepa that Tee Tee was in love with him. And she once came out of the shower with no clothes on and she seemingly wanted him to see her. Tee Tee has denied this profusely. And when she realized that Pepa and Egypt were believing Sam’s claims, she decided to distance herself.

Sitdowns between Pepa, Egypt, Tee Tee, and Tee Tee’s mother Maureen Denton have also been futile.

Well, Egypt and Tee Tee talked about where things went wrong during an interview with WE tv. For Tee Tee, the beginning of the end was after she found out about the claims Sam made at Egypt’s birthday party. She said, “My least favorite moment with Pep and Egypt was Egypt’s birthday party. I think that’s when things really went south for me. And I think after that our relationship changed.”

Tee Tee added, “The last two years have been pretty tough and we haven’t been able to make any good memories so I think it’s been going downhill for a while.”

Tee Tee isn’t motivated to fix her relationship with Egypt Criss.

Interestingly enough, Egypt seems to feel like the issue is Tee Tee won’t admit she was wrong about Sam.

“I feel like the biggest problem has been communication and also accountability. I feel like people thought Sam was one way and pushed hard, pushed hard because they thought they were right. But then realized he wasn’t what they thought he was and they don’t want to admit that so they’re just like, ‘Okay. Let’s just ignore everything we tried to sabotage.'”

Egypt also said she’s been having issues with her aunt Maureen.

She continued, “Since the family reunion, I know I reached out to Tee Tee and wished her happy birthday. And she responded and that was nice and cordial. But then Aunt Bev would contact me and come kind of negatively.”

But Egypt thinks the love is still there, “I don’t know. Nothing’s changed, I don’t feel a difference in the air. The energy and the love, it just seems like it’s just the same.”

Meanwhile, Tee Tee isn’t pushing to repair anything, “I’m not saying never. I just know that I am not pushing for any relationship.”

As for Egypt, she is hopeful things will improve.

“What I can hope the future holds for me and Tee Tee is a resolution and back to unity the way we are supposed to be as a family. That is my one goal. I will continue to work towards that. And I will be here when the other party is ready to do the exact same.”

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  1. It’s sad this family allowed one person to divide them and Egypt still doesn’t see he’s the problem.

  2. Since Egypt has been with Sam, she assaulted somebody at work. Lost friendships. Her family has been divided. And her music career has been in standstill. Plus, Sam is always in some mess. Doesn’t seem like Tee Tee was wrong at all.

  3. I don’t blame Tee-Tee. I wouldn’t bother with Egypt either, she still has some growing to do & she could do without me. Everyone has been young before and some even dumb but this girl is off the meter being hoodwinked by Samantha like this, she doesn’t see anything. What did he say, he’s not gay but he’s not straight. He’s a nut is what he is and he found the perfect sidekick in her.

  4. I blame Pep and Treach for allowing Sam to live off of them and their daughter it’s disgusting and frankly speaking Egypt needs to be deprogramming

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