GUHH Star Egypt Criss Says Tee Tee Doesn’t Want to Admit She Was Wrong About Sam Wright

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Tee Tee and Egypt Criss’ fallout was very controversial.

Growing Up Hip Hop” stars Egypt Criss and Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis were more than just cousins. They were also close friends. And over the years, Tee Tee has been like a big sister to Egypt. Their closeness played out on the show in the beginning seasons. However, things changed once Egypt found love with Sam Wright. Tee Tee took her responsibility of watching over Egypt very seriously and she was cautious of Sam. She and Briana Latrise heard rumors about him that didn’t necessarily put his character in the best light. And they suspected that Sam was using Egypt because he wanted to boost his music career.

Egypt eventually began to resent the suspicions that Briana and Tee Tee had about Sam. So she started to call both out. And when it comes to Tee Tee, Egypt clapped back with accusations of her own. She accused Tee Tee of actually being in love with Sam and being inappropriate with him. And she said that it was Sam who made these claims. She rode with her man and Tee Tee was heartbroken when even Pepa began to wonder if there was any truth to the accusations made.

Things only worsened when Egypt told the other GUHH cast members that her aunt told her Tee Tee’s boo Shawn Rogers cheated on her. This is something that Tee Tee and Shawn have denied.

So Tee Tee decided it would be best for her to back away from Pepa and Egypt. With the division growing in their family, Egypt and Tee Tee didn’t even attend each other’s weddings.

Well, both women recently opened up about their fallout. And Egypt says the issue is Tee Tee doesn’t want to admit that she was wrong about Sam.

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  1. It’s sad this family allowed one person to divide them and Egypt still doesn’t see he’s the problem.

  2. Since Egypt has been with Sam, she assaulted somebody at work. Lost friendships. Her family has been divided. And her music career has been in standstill. Plus, Sam is always in some mess. Doesn’t seem like Tee Tee was wrong at all.

  3. I don’t blame Tee-Tee. I wouldn’t bother with Egypt either, she still has some growing to do & she could do without me. Everyone has been young before and some even dumb but this girl is off the meter being hoodwinked by Samantha like this, she doesn’t see anything. What did he say, he’s not gay but he’s not straight. He’s a nut is what he is and he found the perfect sidekick in her.

  4. I blame Pep and Treach for allowing Sam to live off of them and their daughter it’s disgusting and frankly speaking Egypt needs to be deprogramming

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