Kandi Burruss Responds After An OLG Employee Says They Are Underpaid

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Kandi Burruss has hit some snags with OLG.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has opened up a lot about her private life on the show. However, fans haven’t been able to see much of her journey into the restaurant business with her OLG brand. Interestingly enough, Bravo decided to show more of that side with Kandi’s new spinoff show, “Kandi & the Gang.” On the show, it is clear that the restaurant has been a challenging venture for Kandi and Todd Tucker. During the series premiere, the couple opened up about their issues with some of their employees. At times, it was clear that they weren’t the most professional. So it was decided that they needed someone new to come in to help whip everyone back into shape.

Luckily, their new Director of Operations, Phillip, has no problem keeping people in line. However, he’s been labeled as coming off too cold. But Phillip thinks it’s necessary to be this way when he’s checking staff members who are causing issues.

Interestingly enough, the recent episode showed that some of the OLG employees had some complaints of their own. While the staff was hanging out and having drinks, Shawndreca said that she is extremely underpaid at $12 an hour. She’s a hostess at OLG. And she said all of this in front of Kandi’s cousin and parking lot manager, Patrick. To no surprise, Patrick felt the need to let Kandi know what was said. And Kandi said that Shawndreca should have come to her about her concerns since she’s the one writing the checks.

Well, Kandi had more to say about Shawndreca’s comments on social media.

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  1. This show is entertaining but I wonder if it’s actually worth it for Kandi because it’s mainly shining a negative light on OLG.

  2. Yeah I don’t know if sis didn’t do her research but Kandi pays her hostess more than most restaurants. $12 an hour is like the peak according to Payscale.

  3. Shawndreca is definitely not underpaid but she seems pretty entitled because she’s late all the time and unprofessional. And who complains about work in front of the CEO’s family member? This show is a trip. Kandi and Todd know a lot of their employees shouldn’t be working there but they still won’t fire them. The restaurant won’t improve until better hires happen.

  4. The hostess and bartender is making that business look bad…..in most places they would’ve been fired or written up. I hope Phillip can turn it around. It’s not a good look or is it for ratings? Ratcheticity doesn’t belong in the workplace…..

  5. I understand that the minimum wage in Georgia is $7.50 cents, but $12.00 an hour is not a liveable wage. These are adults working for them not teenagers living at home with their parents.

  6. I’m from Atlanta and 12 hour is basically nothing Kandi is the reason why restaurants are struggling to hire employees, on 12 hour, you can’t even qualify for an apartment

    1. Huh? How is Kandi the cause of other restaurants struggling? It’s always weird to me how some of you jump through hoops to make Kandi out to be some horrible person when she’s the least problematic housewife. She literally works hard and runs her businesses and some of you can’t stand her for that. Why?

  7. That hostess( shawn-drilla) is problematic..I understand they need drama for the show & ratings..but you say it front of a family. Member ( scripted for drama) YEAH,,YOU GOTTA GO..I was liking Phillip, but NO,,he came across as rude when talking to TORIN,,,& TORIN let him know,, you can be CHECKED when trying TO CHECK me( also scripted) they trying to run a business,,but when you have unnecessary drama for tv purpose NO ONE,,,I MEAN NO ONE will come to your business…MAKE IT MAKE SENSE KANDI & TODD…AND to be so cheap(todd) to not have a back up generator (cheap) KANDI HE SPENDING YOUR MMONEY & acting like TIM FROM SWEETIE PIES

  8. This show is ignorant and the employees/families are liabilities. Many said the food was not great , I see why and it’s a reflection of staff/management. Kandi keeping all of this foolishness is not making her competitive or even sustainable in the industry. But maybe they have some secret that will support their business model and plan strategies long term. This all for ratings and the “hood”? Sad. And then for the future episodes there is fraternization with the employees and managers. Talk about conflict of interest. And why are the Cousin, Aunt and Momma arguing/fighting on camera in a business/ talking unprofessional in a workplace…ooo the ignorance. What type of reputation are the trying to build? So will there be so much outrage about black folks character ,messiness, and now another layer lack of business acumen? Is that only reserved for porsha show? Yeah porsha was messy and so much but thats reality shows, she did her job. Make it make sense. Kandi’s shows does not show a good reflection and is worse because this is dealing with business and highlight MANY stereotypes for blacks. That’s a problem when there are not many executives, CEOs, and overall opportunities for minorities. Minority unemployment is still very high in America, many were not afforded the same opportunities as their counterparts. Many are under skilled. So this show is just worst but I guess it’s all for ratings. Overall Kandi also did her job so I see it will be a hit from the reality shows perspective.

  9. We asked for reality TV and we got that! Why all the complaints??
    Most adults live paycheck to paycheck and work for low wages!

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