GUHH Recap: Pepa Protests Sam and Egypt Eloping + Sakoya and Tanice Squash Beef

GUHH Season 6 Episode 32 Recap
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During tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop” season finale, Pepa is furious with Egypt regarding her decision to elope with Sam.

Pepa expresses frustration with Egypt regarding her decision to push marriage with Sam despite his ongoing legal troubles. However, Treach is 100 percent supportive of Egypt and Sam. After a talk with Treach, Pepa seemingly comes around to accept her daughter’s decision.

Meanwhile, Sakoya extends an olive branch to Tanice in an effort to squash their beef. Tanice appreciates the gesture and agrees to have a sit-down with Sakoya. However, when Sakoya sees Cree at Eric’s party, she realizes she isn’t ready to move on from what happened at Twist’s event.

Here’s the recap for, “The Wright Decision.”

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  1. It was a civilized finale.
    Twist got a nice clean grill. It actually makes him look cleaner.
    The celebration Eric had honoring his Father was cool.
    THEY’S MARRIED NOW!Sam looked like a bum. Egypt looked very pretty. Why didn’t her Father walk her down the aisle and present his daughter to Sam ?? I thought that was odd. Pepa showing up was cool but boy was she phoney with everyone. I can’t be too mad with her because she did put her feelings aside to be with her daughter.

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