Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker Confront OLG Employee for Complaints Made About Business

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OLG has been a challenge for Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

Kandi Burruss has been open about her family life, as well as the ups and downs on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Now she’s showing the ups and downs of running her OLG brand. On her new spinoff, “Kandi & the Gang,” Kandi and Todd Tucker are trying to get their restaurant back into shape. Although Kandi has had plenty of success as a businesswoman, OLG has been a true challenge. At this point, OLG has three different locations in Metro Atlanta. Lines will even be wrapped around the building. However, there is a lot of drama occurring within the staff. And Kandi and Todd figured a good manager is needed to get things in order.

So they hired Phillip Frempong to be the Director of Operations. He has already developed a reputation of being too cold. He’s also been accused of being rude and condescending to anyone he feels isn’t doing their job to the best of their abilities. While Phillip may be about his business, a good bit of the staff aren’t convinced that Phillip will last at OLG much longer. And they said this is because managers don’t last long at the restaurant.

One of the first people Phillip clashed with on the show is Shawndreca Robinson. She is a hostess and there have been a lot of complaints about her. Interestingly enough, Shawndreca has her own complaints about OLG. And she said that she’s not paid enough. Her comments made their way back to Kandi because Shawndreca said this in front of Kandi’s cousin Patrick Dallas.

On the upcoming episode, Todd and Kandi confront Shawndreca about her other supposed comments. And Shawndreca is caught off guard.

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