Dr. Heavenly Has Interesting Response After Dr. Contessa Speaks on Rumored Altercation

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes didn’t anticipate her fallout with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe.

Married to Medicine” fans have been hearing a lot about the upcoming season. In fact, Dr. Heavenly Kimes said that an altercation took place during filming. She never confirmed who was involved. So there has been a lot of speculation on social media from fans. Most of the guesswork is centered around where the friendships currently stand in the group. Heavenly is not on good terms with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe. Heavenly hinted at this for the first time on her YouTube channel. When her subscribers asked her about Contessa and pointed out that Heavenly no longer mentions her, Heavenly told them they would have to watch the new season to get answers.

In the meantime, Heavenly has said a lot about being betrayed while filming season 9. She’s made social media posts about being backstabbed. She also said that the twists and turns in the friendships will surprise viewers next season.

Well, fans are now thinking that Contessa and Heavenly may have fallen out over Dr. Scott Metcalfe.

An interview has only caused more speculation.

During a recent interview, Contessa and Scott confirmed that they are still together. Some fans were shocked by this considering how much they struggled during the previous season. Contessa went on to say that people she thought were her friends told her about what they heard. And this didn’t sit well with her because they came to her with no proof. So she no longer sees them as a friend.

On the recent season, Heavenly was one of the main cast members who spoke up for Contessa and demanded that Scott be honest about what he’s been doing when he’s not around Contessa.

After Contessa addressed the rumored altercation in the interview, some fans really believe that she and Heavenly may be the ones who were fighting.

Interestingly enough, Heavenly had something interesting to say after Contessa’s comments went viral.

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  1. I know we can’t have too much of an opinion until we can see what actually happened but Heavenly can be very insensitive to her friends. Then when they get mad, she acts like she doesn’t see an issue with what she did. With that being said, it’s always a gamble to tell a friend they are being cheated on. Some people won’t continue a friendship after you tell them.

  2. Heavenly has been so disrespectful to most of the castmates. She was so jealous of Mariah that she could not talk to her without disrespect. She has stabbed so many people in the back. It is just her turn now. It’s called Karma. Also, she always throw around her faithful husband, and all due respect to Damon, look at him. No one wants Damon. It’s easy to keep him home when he’s not invited to any other home.

  3. If I had to guess, Heavenly came to Contessa with some accusations about Scott. But she didn’t have any proof. This p-ssed off Contessa. So she probably cut off Heavenly. They were forced to still be around each other at some group event. Heavenly said some shady sh-t and Contessa swung on her. Heavenly clutched her pearls and feels like she was “betrayed” because Contessa ran up. Heavenly really thinks she can say whatever she wants to people and clutches her pearls when it blows up in her face. With that being said, Contessa’s marriage doesn’t seem all that healthy. And she talks as if she feels like she has to stay because she thinks all men are the same (cheaters).

  4. I think heavenly is jealous of a lot of the women and she protests too much. I think she’s jealous of Toya because toya is the girl who didn’t let her sit with her at the table when she was in high school. Toya just has to look cute in her husband will take care of her. Now don’t get me wrong I think Toya is way too excessive but Toya gives Heavenly bad flashbacks from youth. Heavenly is loud and still trying to hard to be the it girl. I know she is a dentist but sometimes she acts like she lacks intellect at least based on the way she speaks. If you’re a smart woman don’t dumb it down for TV.

    1. She definitely dumbs herself down. It’s cringeworthy but I guess she thinks she knows her audience. Unfortunately some in our community prefer stereotypes and caricatures. That’s why I appreciate Dr. Jackie so much. She shows that black women don’t have to degrade ourselves to succeed and have supporters.

  5. Heavenly needs to sit down and shut up. She’s going to keep throwing stones. She talks about everyone and everyone’s marriages. She better be careful. It could happen to her. She is a horrible person. Brovo keeps her there because she’s loud and acts like a fool.

  6. Heavenly is still a fat girl on the inside and has never let that insecurity go. She talks too much, too loud, and too often. Everything you think you don’t have to say. Learn to “sot down” and “be quiet” like old folks used to say.

  7. Well,now we know how was telling Contessa rumors about Scott without proof. You never go to someone with cheating spouse rumors without proof. Without proof you are just another spreading rumors to destroy the marriage. Heavenly is a rumor mongering bully. She has a lot to say about others marriage but she can’t take it.

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