Monique Samuels Defends NeNe Leakes Amid Lawsuit Against Andy Cohen & Bravo

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Monique Samuels thinks NeNe Leakes made some strong points.

Monique Samuels‘ time on “Real Housewives of Potomac” came to an end after her altercation with Candiace Dillard. She felt that she and Chris Samuels were being treated unfairly by those in power. In fact, she said the reunion was harsh. And she didn’t like that rumors about their marriage weren’t off-limits. Monique had been accused of having an affair with her trainer and it was alleged that Chase Samuels isn’t Chris’ biological son.

Monique said that none of these claims were true. But she felt like bringing this up on the show was an attack on her family. So she told her fans she was leaving RHOP. And she’ll make her return to reality television on “Love & Marriage: DC.”

In the meantime, she gave her thoughts on NeNe Leakes‘ lawsuit against Bravo, Andy Cohen, and others. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star believes she is a victim of racism and discrimination.

On Instagram Live, she said, “As far as NeNe with the network, she absolutely has a point. She absolutely has a point because at the end of the day, when you look at the housewives shows that have women of color, you only see them from one side. If you look at the white housewives show, you’ll see each one as a wife, as a business owner, an entrepreneur. You’ll see them as a Philanthropist, you’ll see all of those things in each and everyone.”

In Monique Samuels’ opinion, NeNe Leakes put the franchise on the map.

She continued, “But when you look at the black housewives shows, they only show one aspect for each different person. So it’s almost like the black housewives can’t be a full person. They have to be one or the other, they have to only be the wife. They have to only be the mother. Only be the entrepreneur and the businesswoman. You can only be this, that, or the other. They don’t show us as full people.”

Monique believes the black shows made the network successful, “But they’ll get all of the ratings and you keep their lights on because of those black housewives shows. So to me, NeNe absolutely has a point.”

She added, “From what I heard, NeNe is the one who came up with reunions, the whole concept. Does she get any credit for that? People try to sleep on NeNe and they can say what they want to about her. But at the end of the day, NeNe put housewives on the map. Argue with me if you want to but she did.”

Check out the video here.

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  1. Because Nee Nee put rhoa on the map does not mean she get to treat people any kind of way and that is what she does. As if everyone is beneath her. These shows have developed these women. Even if they were already in business, they show gave them a platform to become greater. Ms. I’m rich b-tch, could not have afforded all her surgeries had she not been on the show. She’s mad now because they won’t take her back? She knew the more rachette you are, the more ratings you get. 1 person don’t stop no show. The show must go on. Monique is not an angel either. Candiace gets Rachelle but it does not give her the right to put her hands on anyone.

  2. Yeah, but Nene is THAT girl that keeps it popping! You need her on the show. You need her in your corner. I see you didn’t mention Andy not once. Trust me, NeNe made A LOT of money for him and his. Where’s the “…I got you NeNe, I’m with you NeNe…” now? NeNe made the RHOA show. You know it, I know it, Andy knows it, and NeNe’s bank account knows it (that account having some serious “withdrawal” symptoms).

  3. The problem was not NeNe but Bravo and Andy.They treated NeNe, Monica, and others as cash cows! ???? Exploiting gossip & bullsh_t into possible
    physical altercations. NeNe had Greg which was so ill & still filmed not thoughtful at all! Who allows anyone to talk abt explosive gossip abt your husband, not being the father of your child!!???? That crap belongs on TLC, OMG! Stop this nonsense. NeNe was never considered as going through hardship at all. How cruel have we become & exploitative has Bravo and Andy Cohen become for the almighty dollar! It’s disgusting ????????????

  4. Nancy, your comments are right on the button! Seems like no one realizes that Andy and Bravo are the puppet masters (and I do mean MASTERS!). Andy is for the almighty dollar. He comes across as caring and nice on screen. But he is a piece of work behind the scenes. NeNe didn’t fall back and shut up like he wanted. Now I see why he loves Kandi so much. Catch that y’all!

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