LAMDC Recap: Chris and Monique Have a Heated Disagreement During Their Dinner Party

LAMDC Season 1 Episode 2 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: DC,” Monique hosts a vegan dinner party and invites everyone. During the dinner, Chris and Monique get into a heated discussion regarding how Chris took care of her when she had Covid.

Meanwhile, Erana and Jamie finally speak about the hurdles faced during their marriage. This included infidelity allegations.

Quick also gets plenty of work opportunities due to a large basketball tournament coming to Baltimore. However, Ashley’s not pleased as it could lead to Quick returning to the hospital for exhaustion.

Lastly, Winter’s estranged husband opens up about how things deteriorated between him and Winter. However, Winter refutes what Kevin said and Ashley throws shade, angering Winter.

Here’s the recap for, “Coldest Winter Ever.”

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  1. Monique is out here trying to get divorced – I hope the fame is worth it for her. All marriages have disagreements but hers seems to be one sided. Her mother in law might have been on point when she called her a hussy????????‍♀️. I was a fan until now.

    Winter, girl you know your story line is fake. How does a relationship coach not know a man is living with his momma before marrying him?

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