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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: K. Michelle & Lyrica Make Peace + Rich Dollaz Checks Out on Mariahlynn

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

The battle continues between K. Michelle and Lyrica.

K. Michelle and Lyrica end night six verbally attacking one another as the couples are heading to bed. Their partners were able to separate them and when they are in their rooms, both vent to A1 and Kastan as they go to bed.

Eventually, all wake up on day 7, and Mariahlynn and Rich Dollaz talk to Emmet and Gangsta Boo regarding being fed up with K. Michelle and Lyrica after their recent dustups. As the day begins, K. Michelle walks in as A1 and Lyrica are with the other couples. They avoid talking to each other but talk about the incident and overall, stay in the house to finish their therapy.

The couples reenact their biggest fights, with a twist.

Later on, Dr. Ish brings everyone together to let all of them know to end the back and forth or else. He then tells them about the first activity for the day. Each couple will role-play the biggest argument from their partner’s perspective. It’s during this exercise, that K. Michelle reveals she chased Kastan during their biggest blowup with a butcher knife.

When Emmet and Gangsta Boo act out their argument, it comes up that she called him a loser which cut deep.

K. Michelle and Lyrica squash their beef.

After this exercise, Rich Dollaz and Lyrica talk and he lets Lyrica know she needs to let go of whatever beef she has with K. Michelle during their time in the house. Ironically, this leads to the women sitting down in the kitchen and doing just that; squashing their beef. K. Michelle and Lyrica take responsibility for their actions and don’t want to be a distraction for the other couples.

Both admit they do care about each other, as well as their friendship. They hug it out.

Later that evening, the couples begin the second part of their exercise. This time, Dr. Ish has people read out loud the nastiest things they said to their partners. This includes Rich Dollaz reading his harsh words to Mariahlynn to his mom. Interestingly enough, his mother tells him he should be with a woman he doesn’t have to speak to that way. And she wants Rich with a woman who has higher self-esteem. Mariahlynn watches on and becomes emotional.

Emmet reads what he said about Gangsta Boo to his oldest son. This conversation leads to Emmet showing emotion. Each person reads aloud their comment to a loved and trusted family member.

Things get awkward when Gangsta Boo reads her worse comments to her pastor. She realizes she has to do better once her pastor expresses his disappointment. Lastly, K. Michelle had to read her comments to Kastan’s mother. When Lyrica reads her nasty comments to her mom Lyrica G, Lyrica G expresses concern about her grandson Ocean. He repeats his mom’s profane comments to A1.

Lastly, A1 has to read his comments to Judge Toler. 

Once this exercise ends, Judge Toler addresses the couples and praises K. Michelle and Lyrica for squashing their beef. She then tells Kastan he needs to open up more to K. Michelle.

When the evening ends, A1 and Lyrica recap all that happened and revealed how they grew closer to each other while being in the house. Meanwhile, Kastan and K. Michelle are in their room talking as well. And they hope they actually use the tools they are learning once they leave the house.

Lastly, Mariahlynn and Rich Dollaz are regressing. Mariahlynn asks Rich if they can talk but he tells her he doesn’t want to. In a green screen interview, Rich says he was raised by a black woman he respects very much. And he feels Mariahlynn doesn’t fit his standards.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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A.J. is a publisher and writer for Urban Belle Mag. A.J. has a passion for HBCUs, learning technology, and reality tv.



  1. octlibra

    May 13, 2022 at 7:17 am

    This was a good episode.
    Rich & Mariahlynn… there’s nothing to be said except Mariahlynn continued to allow Rich to kick her in the gut.
    K.& Lyrica was on some grown women stuff. Happy to see them speak on their stuff. K. owned hers but Lyrica didn’t. How long with this peace last?

  2. Trina

    May 13, 2022 at 10:50 pm

    Lyrica never owns her stuff in any situation. She will continue to have issues with A1 and others. Rich is just with Mariahlynn until someone else comes along. He doesn’t want to be alone.

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