‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Call for Cancelation Over Video + Donna, Miss Kitty, & Crystal Speak Out

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Ceaser said the fallout with his daughter broke his heart.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser is used to having controversial moments on and off of the show. Oftentimes his drama centers around his love life and the struggles of being a businessman. However, his fallout with his daughter had everyone talking. Fans were shocked after Cheyenne accused Ceaser of beating her. They were divided on if they believed her or not. However, Cheyenne stood firm. And her mother Crystal hopped on social media to have her back. Ceaser denied that he was violent towards his daughter. He held a press conference and announced he had plans to sue Crystal for defamation. Ceaser said it was important that he fought for his image.

Well, Ceaser’s image is once again under fire. Hours ago, blogger Gossip of the City posted a video that set social media ablaze. It’s being alleged that the video is of Ceaser allegedly abusing a dog. And the alleged footage reportedly may have been taken from a neighbor’s security camera.

Donna reposted the video on her Instagram account. She believes that the man in the video is Ceaser. So she called him out on the post. And she demanded that VH1 and Viacom do something to hold Ceaser accountable.

Crystal and Miss Kitty also spoke out. Both women feel vindicated considering past claims they have also made.

Now some fans are calling for the cancellation of “Black Ink Crew.”

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  1. Can’t stomach even watching that video. But I doubt anything will be done. The network will remain silent.

  2. Ceaser has been problematic from the very beginning. But I agree that nothing will happen. The network probably told him to be quiet and let the outage die down like nothing happened. That’s how they usually do. Weird since it’s not like the show is a success anymore. Ratings are terrible now.

  3. Yeah I definitely didn’t think his daughter was lying. Ceaser has some kind of issue with every woman he comes across except his momma. That’s a huge red flag and shows that he is the problem and always has been. He’s so focused on having this successful businessman image that he’s forgetting to do the real work on the inside. This TV stuff is temporary. Ceaser needs to get it together and start doing right by all the people and animals in his life.

  4. Nobody was complaining until the checks stopped coming in! If Ceaser’s a bad person it didn’t stop them from filming with him and getting paid

    1. What show have you been watching?! They complain about Ceaser all the time, and Donna and Kitty ain’t never been scared!

  5. @ VRDK So, that’s a lie. Kitty and Donna have always called out Ceaser and did so while they were still on the show. Honestly, Ceaser was called out by plenty of people while they were still on the show and they were fired because of it. People like you are part of the problem. Whataboutism isn’t the proper response to someone abusing people and dogs. Get right with the Creator because your soul may not be right.

    1. Exactly! That’s why this show is boring now. Ceaser has fired everyone who wasn’t afraid to call him out!

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