Kenya Moore Feels Like Kandi Burruss Tried to Set Her Up to Look Bad in New York?

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Kandi Burruss has been feeling the heat on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss feels like there’s a target on her back during Season 14. And when it comes to her friendships with the other women, some of them just want a problem with her. In fact, Marlo Hampton has had a lot to say about Kandi as of late. She told Carlos King that she wanted Kandi to work for her paycheck. She doesn’t care that Kandi was one of the biggest advocates about her getting a peach. Regardless, Marlo accused Kandi of “coasting.” So she has been intentional about keeping the pressure on Kandi. Plus, Marlo called Kandi a h*e. She also accused Kandi of not doing enough for the “Black culture.”

Sheree Whitfield has been just as critical. Not only did she agree with Marlo’s insults about Kandi, but she had some complaints of her own. She thinks Kandi should have reached out to her after she found out Tyrone Gilliams stood up Sheree in Philidelphia. Plus, Sheree also told Carlos that she feels Kandi has too much power on the show. And she would like it if Phaedra Parks returned.

To no surprise, Sheree and Marlo’s latest comments have Kandi thinking both are running a hate campaign to make her look bad.

Interestingly enough, one friendship Kandi feels is pretty solid is the one she has with Kenya Moore. But Kandi and Kenya did recently have some tension after the group’s trip to New York. And Kenya believes Kandi should have been a bit more considerate.

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  1. Kenya and Kandi are both being overdramatic. Kandi needs to understand the vibrating panties thing was a bad idea. And Kenya needs to understand Kandi wasn’t trying to make her look bad.

  2. I completely agree Queen! I think that Kandi was triggered because it was too close to the “Kandi forcing s3x” neighborhood and I think Kenya was triggered because it was too close to the “Kenya doesn’t respect marriages” neighborhood. I think they both know the other’s concerns are valid but pride is keeping them defensive.

  3. Kandi was responsible for all the air time the rumor received, she was the one who mentioned it all the time on camera. She is also the one who used it to make money ???? ????. Kandi cares for Kandi, it is all about her making her money.
    Kenya and Marlo were right it was not appropriate. They were right not to want to participate with anyone being able to control their panties. They don’t want some random tweaking them.

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