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LAMH Recap: Martell Surprises Melody + First Glimpse of Martell & Marsau’s Altercation Released

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Melody’s without her kids as she prepares to host a major opening in Huntsville.

Tiffany and LaTisha have an intense rock climbing workout to start tonight’s episode. Kimmi joins them and she’s scared of heights. But Kimmi conquers her fear and climbs the wall.

All three ladies enjoyed their time together. Afterward, they recap what they heard about what happened with the guys in Atlanta, comparing notes. LaTisha and Kimmi tell Tiffany they were shocked to hear about Louis’ frustration with his s-x life. Next, LaTisha invites the ladies and their spouses to a retreat hosted by Dr. Francis.

Tiffany’s excited at the possibility of Dr. Francis convincing Louis to give Tiffany a baby and a honeymoon as Maurice was convinced to give Kimmi a honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Melody is with Vanessa as they are preparing for a hosting opportunity for Mel. Melody’s co-hosting an opening for a new amphitheater in Huntsville. The kids are with Martell this weekend and they won’t be with Melody at the opening. Vanessa brings this up and Melody says that Martell has to show real growth before she lets down her boundaries.

Unfortunately, this is resulting in Melody not having the kids with her during this moment. Vanessa agrees and says Martell will be toxic until he heals.

Louis gives Martell advice about Melody.

Martell is back at Louis’ gym as Martell’s a few weeks away before taking his building license exam. He’s stressed and Louis uses a game of catch to have him de-stress. During their talk, Martell says he misses his marriage and is ready to get married again. Specifically, he loved the family aspect of marriage. However, Martell acknowledges it won’t be easy with five kids.

To make matters worse, Martell says Melody won’t communicate with him. Louis tells Martell that Melody is a woman scorned and it’s not a surprise Martell is being made to squirm.

Kimmi, LaTisha, and Tiffany prep their husbands for the couples’ trip.

Back at Kimmi and Maurice’s, Maurice is blindsided when Kimmi is packing for a retreat. Kimmi’s surprised by the reaction and Maurice saying “he’s fixed.”

He also tells Kimmi that Dr. Francis is going to make them address nothing but problems. Interestingly for Maurice, Kimmi does feels that there are things they can work on in their marriage. This leads to a talk about their s-x life and Maurice bargains about the number of times they’ll be intimate on the trip. Kimmi tells him that they could do it every day and he would want more.

This frustrates Kimmi who expresses her feelings and Maurice responds by telling her he’s only going because she wants to go.

Meanwhile, the Whitlows are also getting ready for the trip. Tiffany does have to leave early so their trip will be cut short. Louis tells Tiffany he hopes this helps them have more intimacy.

Lastly, Marsau isn’t interested in surprises when LaTisha tells him about a couples’ trip. However, she’s not going to tell him about Dr. Francis being there. LaTisha does her best to lie regarding the details in order to keep him on the trip.

Does a breakthrough occur between Martell and Melody?

It’s the day of Melody’s hosting and Vanessa is with Dawn and Melody as she’s getting dolled up. Melody’s excited about the venue and the opportunity to co-host its first event. Meanwhile, Martell shows up with the kids in the audience. Martell understands the importance of this for Melody and wanted the kids there.

He also understands their lack of communication negatively affects their co-parenting. So, he takes initiative and brings the kids backstage to surprise her. Vanessa takes the kids, leaving Melody in the room with Martell. They remain cordial the entire time and even exchange a high five. The episode ends with flashback scenes of happier times between Melody and Martell.


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After the episode airs, the midseason trailer premiers. The trailer highlights the joint couples’ therapy session with Dr. Francis and the tension between Vanessa and LaTisha with Marsau jumping in. 

The trailer also shows in detail the confrontation between Melody and Wanda and the physical confrontation between Martell and the Scott brothers, specifically Marsau. Things escalate when Wanda yells to Melody to “find your ******* baby daddy.” 

What are your thoughts on the episode and mid-season trailer?


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  1. Yeah I Said It!

    July 2, 2022 at 10:37 pm

    The first half of the season was so dry. LOL.

  2. I said what I said

    July 3, 2022 at 6:59 pm

    Me: This is not what this show was supposed to be about. We need better representation. I cannot deal with them anymore.

    Also me: As soon as they post a messy video, why do we have to wait until Sept?

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