LisaRaye McCoy Tells Da Brat She Doesn’t Like How Jesseca Dupart Came At Her

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LisaRaye McCoy and Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart had tension on “Brat Loves Judy.”

Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy sometimes address their issues on “Brat Loves Judy.” After their controversial moment on “Cocktails With Queens,” LisaRaye got upset again because she learned Da Brat and Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart are expanding their family from their social media posts. LisaRaye can’t understand why her sister can’t tell her big news privately. And she’s been having to find out things on the internet instead.

Judy and Da Brat would like for LisaRaye to stop talking about these situations in her interviews. On the recent episode, the couple decided that they would both talk to LisaRaye. And Judy was the first one to make the attempt. Interestingly enough, their conversation did not go well.

LisaRaye said that she’s not going to be dishonest when she’s asked questions during her interviews. She’s about being real. So when she was asked if she knew Da Brat was expanding her family, she answered truthfully. And she has a right to answer questions the way she wants.

Should family issues be off-limits during interviews?

Judy told LisaRaye that Da Brat refuses to entertain questions about LisaRaye out of respect for their relationship. So she would like for LisaRaye to have the same mindset since she hurts Da Brat when she speaks on their issues publicly.

LisaRaye was not feeling any of this. She said she only acts when she’s paid to and she’s going to be real in her interviews. So she suggested Da Brat speaks up for herself.


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When Da Brat sat down to talk to LisaRaye, LisaRaye made it clear that she didn’t appreciate how Judy came at her. And moving forward, she’s just going to “match the energy” that Judy gives her.


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One thing Da Brat said she never wanted was for Judy and LisaRaye to clash. She said both have very strong personalities, so it would get ugly fast if they didn’t get along.

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  1. I know a lot of people side with LisaRaye but I truly think the way she treats Brat is disturbing. She acts like a bully.

  2. Valerie, she is a bully and mean girl. Brat doesn’t talk to her about a lot of stuff because she doesn’t feel like dealing with the judgment and nastiness Lisa will respond with. I know Judy wanted to help and stand up for her wife, but there’s no way to actually talk to someone like Lisa because she never thinks she’s wrong.

  3. Da Brat would tell her things if she was easier to talk to and less prideful. I’m grateful my older sister doesn’t act like LisaRaye.

  4. My sentiment exactly lisaraye McCoy as she says it is a bully and she bullies dabrat cause she is an outside child. Dabrat is a child her father had while he was married to lisaraye mother so I feel like even though they may say they are close it is still some deep rooted resentment and anger. Go back and watch the episode on “fix your life “with Iyanla with lisaraye. She has this meanness about herself that’s why she didn’t get along with her own mother or daughter cause she thinks she is always right. She need to wear all green inside of white cause she is filled with deep envy.

  5. DaBrat needs to talk to her sister & keep wife out of it so family stays in tact. That’s MOST important. I don’t like the control Judy tries to have over DaBrat as if she’s her child. So Brat stand up Sugga & put both of them in their places. I feel they both Love you, but both are too over bearing. My oldest Sis is like Lisa & she doesn’t stop. So YOU have to take control.

  6. Lisa is trying to insert herself into business that’s not hers.
    Judy was being nice checking her.
    Personally I woulda slapped her.

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