LAMDC Recap: Winter Clashes with Kevin + Winter Apologizes to Ashley and Erana

LAMDC Season 1 Episode 9
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The couples reveal very personal details regarding their intimacy.

During the Samuels’ retreat, the couples are in a session with Monique and Winter’s s*x therapist. Each couple speaks about their s*x lives and things they feel could improve.

For Ashley and Quick, Quick graphically explains how Ashley’s libido now exceeds his. She is still ready to go, according to Quick, even after long love-making sessions. Ashley brings up that Quick is over 40 and getting older.

For Tasha, her partner Neal could still get her pregnant and this worries her. She doesn’t want another child. Erana next explains how she and Jamie have “lazy s*x.” Jamie explains he still has energy for it but Erana’s drive is slowing down. Erana feels things would be better if Jamie was more romantic.

Lastly, Chris and Monique speak about their intimacy. While Monique feels as if they have great s*x, she calls it selfish. Chris then explains he learned about s*x by first watching an explicit video as a young child with his siblings and cousins. Despite what he learned, Chris explains how they had a great night of intimacy during Valentine’s Day where she ended up falling asleep on top of him.

Winter then interjects to apologize to Ashley and Erana for the comments she made about Jamie and Quick in an earlier episode.


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Ashley and Winter clash at dinner.

Later on, Winter’s estranged husband Kevin shows up for dinner. Winter’s frustrated as Kevin pulls up a briefcase of evidence to prove his case.

First, Kevin pulls out an e-book that Winter claims that writers in the UK wrote based on a master class. 

The evidence seemingly doesn’t impress Ashley and Erana who are frustrated by this. Winter emphasizes that Kevin is lying and Kevin’s evidence doesn’t move anyone.

Ashley and Quick get frustrated with it all and leave dinner early. Despite their earlier clashes, Ashley believes Winter about Kevin. As they leave, Kevin and Winter keep arguing. 

After a while, only Chris and Monique remain at the table as Kevin and Winter continue their argument.

Nothing is resolved as Winter ends their back-and-forth singing to Kevin to sign their divorce papers. Chris is frustrated by this as it was his idea to invite Kevin to the trip.


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