Martell Holt Regrets Affair + Says Mistress Doesn’t Stack Up to Melody Holt

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Martell Holt made some interesting comments when he appeared on a panel.

Martell Holt opened up about his split with Melody Holt while he appeared on the Cheminstry Rejection Panel. And the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star didn’t hold back either. After he told listeners that Melody got upset and told him to go out and get a girlfriend, he discussed the first night he met Arionne Curry.

He said, “But I feel that rejection I was receiving, it seems as if that, ladies don’t get mad, but it seemed as if I had no other option but to be out. The first time I met the particular person, it was the night my ex-wife was supposed to go with me to a barbecue. We got into it that night, she was on the computer, in the bed. And she made this statement to me, we got into it, she said, ‘Go out there and find you a girlfriend.'”

Martell continued, “I mentioned this on the show. She admitted to it and all that, she said, ‘Go out and find you a girlfriend.’ And she was up in the bed on her computer and I’m like, ‘Wow.’ So honestly, that got into my spirit apparently because that night I met the girl and I told her, ‘Listen, I want you to be my girlfriend.'”

Martell Holt has regrets.

He went on to say that he told Arionne he was married the first day they met. And he always wore his wedding ring. But when he compares her to Melody, he can’t help but feel like she was only able to give him 15 percent of what he needed.

“I think that was very foolish of me to do such a thing. But at that time, I wasn’t thinking like, oh my wife she’s giving me 85 percent and she’s giving me 15 or whatever. I wasn’t thinking like that. If I would have thought like that, I don’t want that d*mn 15 percent. I’ma stick in this house and sit my a*s down somewhere. But that wasn’t the case. I think that I just wasn’t thinking.”

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  1. I mean Arionne knows this as well which is why she’s so obsessed with Melody. This is why women should never attach their worth to men. But Arionne will continue to wait around for Martell like she’s been doing. He’s divorced and still doesn’t want more from her than head and convenient s-x. It’s up to her to realize she deserves better.

  2. Melody is D-O-N-E with Martell. He’s wants that old Thang back & she’s paying him dust outside of co-parenting their kids. Exactly how it should be.

    1. There’s an old saying: “You Never Miss Your Water Until The Wells Runs Dry”. He misses what he had with his ex-wife (Melody).

  3. Tell-tell, needs to stop with these press tours. He’s making himself look worse, but then again that PRIDE is a foolish monster and has no skin in the game of making Martel look even more unsettled in his actions and thoughts. Just be quiet no matter how much it may hurt and let this attention pass. But, I just remembered he feeds off of any kind of attention!!! Oh MARTY can recover if he’d just sit his arse down like HE said. You don’t have to tell the world everytime Mel don’t give you your way or agree…what the world thinks about you doesn’t matter, what you CHILDREN think DOES!!! STRATEGY: do your part repetitiously and the kids will be the judge and jury in the end.

  4. I’m not condoning what either one of them did. As I am not in their relationship and don’t know all that the either did to the other. When I was watching the show. it appeared that all of the couples had issues. Both of them need to put the children’s needs first. After-all, they didn’t pick their parents and sure didn’t cause the messes that their parents create or created but they do get hurt by them.

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