Erica Mena Responds After Fan Says They Are Tired of Her & Safaree’s Storyline on LHHATL

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Erica Mena responded after LHHATL fan said they aren’t interested in another season of her drama with Safaree Samuels.

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels‘ troubled romance has been a hot topic on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” During the recent season, Erica was pregnant with their second child. And she felt like Safaree wasn’t being a supportive husband. Plus, she felt like he had become very cold towards her. She was also hurt when Safaree hopped on Twitter to say that marrying Erica was one of the biggest regrets he had in his life.

After a number of failed conversations, Erica decided it was time to pull the plug on the marriage. Safaree didn’t want them to go through with the divorce, and he threatened to not sign the divorce papers. However, he has since signed. And Erica and Safaree are officially divorced.

Although their marriage may be over, the drama has not waned when it comes to the former couple. In fact, Erica recently had a nasty social media feud with a woman Safaree is reportedly dating. Neither woman held back when it came to insults and accusations either. Plus, Erica has accused Safaree of slacking when it comes to his responsibilities as a father.

With a new season of LHHATL premiering in August, fans expect to see a lot of the drama play out on the show. While some are interested to see things unfold, others are not. And they are tired of Erica and Safaree’s storyline centered around their failed marriage.

One Instagram user straight up said that they don’t want another season of the show focusing on Safaree and Erica’s drama. They wrote, “I hope they don’t still be using Erica and ole boy storyline no more…I care not to hear it or see it.”

In response to this, Erica wrote, “Stop lying to yo self ???? ???? ???? ????. You just set your DVR.”

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  1. Erica’s arrogance and delusions are too strong for her to accept the truth. A lot of people are tired of her and Safaree. They are one of the reasons why the ratings were so bad last season.

  2. I’m tired of Erica and Safaree too. They are no longer interesting. And honestly, this show has run its course because no one has a real storyline. It’s fake drama and most of it is always centered around some staged fight they had on social media. So there’s no need to watch anyway. Boring!

  3. Erica baby we’ve seen the ratings. And the ratings show that people are tired of you and Safaree. Making y’all the main draw of the show was a huge mistake and if they’re doing it again, expect ratings to go even lower. I miss when Love & Hip Hop used to be good.

    1. Sorry but I am tired of hearing the exact same storyline every season! RHOA has the same issue! Erica has been talking about her toxic relationship for 3 seasons!!

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