Jennifer Williams Breaks Down Why She’s Done with Malaysia Pargo

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Malaysia Pargo is being iced out.

Jennifer Williams and Malaysia Pargo have clashed on “Basketball Wives.” Years ago, things got so bad that Malaysia threw a table at Jennifer. At the time, Jennifer denied telling Malaysia that Evelyn Lozada allegedly slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex. Malaysia accused Jennifer of lying on her and making her do Jennifer’s dirty work. Zell Swag also wasn’t nice toward Jennifer when he popped up with Malaysia to an event. So it took a while for Jennifer and Malaysia to become cordial. Jennifer was not here for Zell’s behavior. Flashbacks occurred when Malaysia showed up at DJ Duffey’s dating event during the current season.

Malaysia denied bringing Zell to the event to go after anyone. However, Jennifer and Brandi Maxiell weren’t moved by Malaysia’s denials. So it didn’t go well for Malaysia when she showed up at Jennifer’s hair launch event with a woman who used to date Angel Brinks’ ex.

Jennifer Williams doesn’t think Malaysia Pargo has good intentions.

Brittish and Brandi were the most vocal. And Jennifer opens up about her feelings about Malaysia on the upcoming episode. While speaking to Jackie Christie and the others, Jennifer says, “So if I could just be honest like I usually am, with Malaysia, she brought the girl Ashlee. It’s like you always bringing somebody that has an issue with someone. And I have to think at this point it’s intentional because I feel like you do something once…we all make mistakes. When you do it a second time, I feel like it’s a choice.”

And Brandi thanks Jackie for filling her shoes, “I adore you, how you have always been there for Malaysia. I’m really surprised by you taking her in this way. That’s my role. And I can’t take that role right now in my life. I just adore you for just being there for her. She just actually needs someone by her side through all of this.”

Jackie becomes emotional and responds, “It means something to me.”

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  1. I don’t like Jennifer…she’s fake and brings nothing to the show. She’s materialistic and I hope she doesn’t return next season. Team Malaysia…she didn’t know that Ashley was with Angel’s ex….

  2. Jennifer now what have Malaysia have done to you for u to say u are done with her y’all just need to stop that messy stuff

    1. I have watched a few episodes this time and get Jennifer messy butt off the show. It is time to stop all of this back biting two faced stuff on the show

    2. Jenn, it sure took you a long minute to have an issue with Malaze! The producers must have told you to create a storyline because you were getting a bit boring. Good luck with that.

  3. All these women nust trying to come for Malaysia to be part of the CLIQUE…Malaysia is the MOMENT if she leaves they might as well CANCEL the show PERIOD!!!!!

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