Jennifer Williams Breaks Down Why She’s Done with Malaysia Pargo

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Jennifer Williams and Malaysia Pargo continue to have problems.

Basketball Wives” fans have been very vocal about the latest season on social media. On the recent episode, Malaysia Pargo was put in the hot seat. At the beginning of the season, she confirmed her fallout with Brandi Maxiell. Brandi said Malaysia didn’t reach out to her after her father passed away. However, Malaysia claimed she didn’t know that Brandi’s father died. And she wouldn’t be so petty about death. Regardless, Brandi wasn’t really buying this. But she said she was open to hashing things out anyway. Malaysia would later claim that the real issue is she didn’t leave the show when Brandi was fired. That supposedly made Brandi doubt Malaysia’s loyalty.

Well, Malaysia and Brandi seemingly hashed things out. However, tension arose again when Malaysia showed up at Jennifer Williams’ hair launch event with a plus-one. And her guest ended up being a woman who dated Tyreke Evans – Angel Brinks’ ex and child’s father.

Malaysia was instantly accused of being messy. She denied wanting to cause drama and said she had only recently learned that Ashlee dated Tyreke. Jennifer Willaims felt like this was Deja Vu. And she said that Malaysia recently popped up to an event with Zell Swag to be messy. She believed Malaysia knew that Zell would come for her like he did before.

Well, Jennifer has more to say about Malaysia on the upcoming episode.

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  1. I don’t like Jennifer…she’s fake and brings nothing to the show. She’s materialistic and I hope she doesn’t return next season. Team Malaysia…she didn’t know that Ashley was with Angel’s ex….

  2. Jennifer now what have Malaysia have done to you for u to say u are done with her y’all just need to stop that messy stuff

    1. I have watched a few episodes this time and get Jennifer messy butt off the show. It is time to stop all of this back biting two faced stuff on the show

    2. Jenn, it sure took you a long minute to have an issue with Malaze! The producers must have told you to create a storyline because you were getting a bit boring. Good luck with that.

  3. All these women nust trying to come for Malaysia to be part of the CLIQUE…Malaysia is the MOMENT if she leaves they might as well CANCEL the show PERIOD!!!!!

      1. Mp. Jennifer is a scared little chicken that runs when she has run her mouth too much,and it’s time to back it up. SCAREY SHERRIE!

  4. Why is Jennifer even on the show. She brings no substance. She going against Malaysia because others did.

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