Tyrone Gilliams Puts Sheree Whitfield All the Way on Blast?

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Sheree Whitfield said Tyrone Gilliams embarrassed her.

On the current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree Whitfield has been opening up about Tyrone Gilliams. The relationship took a turn after he got out of prison. Sheree accused him of standing her up when she came to visit him in Philadelphia. Producers filmed Sheree sitting and waiting for Tyrone at a restaurant for over an hour. Sheree has since confirmed that her relationship with Tyrone is over. And she said that a new man is pleasing her in the bedroom these days on “Watch What Happens Live.” Turns out that man is “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt.

Well, Tyrone had some things to say in an interview with the Jasmine Brand. He said that the situation wasn’t what it looked like on the show. Tyrone claimed that he didn’t show up because doing so would have sent him right back to prison.

Tyrone Gilliams breaks his silence.

When Jasmine asked why he was a no-show, Tyrone said, “Because one, I’m on home confinement. And I wasn’t allowed. It was not an approved activity. Now if I had an agreement, if it was already agreed that I was working for the network…because that could happen prior to that, then I could have shown up. And not have gotten in trouble. But Jas, I’m not gonna risk my life for anybody to go back to prison.”

He continued, “I didn’t stand her up. And more importantly Jas, you can’t stand up nobody when they know where you are.”

Tyrone also said an agreement was never in place, “The problem was I didn’t have an agreement to participate in the activity. And more importantly, I wasn’t going to put myself at risk to go back to prison.”

He also went on to say that Sheree was never under the impression that he would meet her at the restaurant to film.

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  1. I want to think he’s lying but Sheree has been acting very thirsty lately. And this Martell thing is even more thirsty.

  2. I totally believe him…when you’re on house arrest or confinement you can’t go where you want when you want…it’s work and back home…I work with a guy whose on it and even working late he has to call for approval….I believe Tyrone..Sheree is sneaky and she’s in for a surprise with Martell…..

  3. Sheree is messy and she has no story line so they need to take back that peach. I am sure the feds want to know how she had that house built, and where does he income come from, I am with Kandi on that one. Being with Martell is going to be a career disaster. Sheree has no respect, there are some people you just stay away from. Martell is not going to marry her, Martell wants to be with Melody, everybody knows that.

    1. This! The house and her mouth may be her downfall. I believed him. And Martel wanting no one but his wife…..bingo! Damn Sheree! She trying to say it’s casual but we know she’s looking for her forever love. Girl that ain’t Martel. And she saying he hitting it too!!! Guuurrrlll! Smh

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