Melody Holt Addresses Martell Holt & Sheree Whitfield’s Romance

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People have a lot to say about Martell Holt and Sheree Whitfield’s romance.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield was in the headlines for her failed romance with Tyrone Gilliams. On the show, she planned to meet him in Philadelphia. However, he didn’t show up at the restaurant. Sheree was heartbroken. And she came to the decision to move on. The other day she confirmed that she’s actually been spending time with Martell Holt. He’s a star on OWN’s “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” On the show, viewers watched his marriage to Melody Holt fall apart. He had a longtime affair and now has a child outside of the marriage. They also struggled to co-parent.

Martell would later tell fans that things had vastly improved between him and Melody. Communication had gotten much better. So they were at a place where they were actually getting along.

Some people wondered if Melody and Martell had gotten back together when they vacationed together with their children. However, Melody set the record straight on Instagram. And she said that she is single and very much happy. She really wants LAMH fans to understand her chapter with Martell ended. And they will not reconcile.

Regardless, some people have been wondering what Melody thinks about Sheree and Martell’s relationship. Well, she answered during a recent interview.

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  1. Good for her. It isn’t her business what Martell does now that they’re divorced. Her only concern when it comes to him is how they coparent their children. If he ends up getting in a relationship where he’s going to remarry and the relationship becomes more serious then that’s when he should introduce the woman to Melody and the children. But, for now I don’t think the kids or Melody should be involved. I think it’s just a rebound love for Sheree.

  2. They are no longer married. She isn’t not concerned. If her children are involved in the relationship then she has grounds to be concern to ascertain Martel isn’t talking negative about her in front of the children in the presence of Sheree.

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