Melody Holt Calls out Martell Holt + Sheree Whitfield Gets Shady?

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Sheree Whitfield’s relationship with Martell Holt is a hot topic.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield has been a hot topic on the blogs. There has been a major update in her love life. She is currently dating “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt. And Sheree said that she is just having fun spending time with him. However, it’s not just romance. Sheree is also doing business with Martell. She told TMZ that Martell is also helping her grow her She By Sheree brand. So she was really happy that she moved on from Tyrone Gilliams. Sheree has even introduced Martell to her friends and family members. They have been dating for a couple of months.

Well, Tyrone and Melody Holt recently opened up in interviews. Tyrone said that he didn’t actually stand Sheree up in Philadelphia. And she knew that he wasn’t coming because he actually couldn’t. At the time, he was living in a halfway house. He couldn’t go to the restaurant because doing so would have resulted in more prison time.

Tyrone said he wishes Sheree would have told RHOA producers the truth. But her handling of the situation made him decide to move on from their relationship.

As for Melody, she was asked about Martell and Sheree’s romance. And she said she didn’t have anything negative to say about Sheree because she doesn’t know anything negative. Melody also said that who Martell dates is not her business.

Since the interviews went viral, Sheree may have thrown a little shade at Tyrone and Melody.

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  1. Sheree need to quit while she’s ahead….I think Mel will have the last laugh…AGAIN…Martell STILL wants Mel and she was the brains behind their success…and him helping Sheree with She by Sheree is laughable…..he can’t even help himself….and it’s been about 10yrs and that clothing line is STILL pending…. Giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrllllllll….watch yourself….you’re about to be embarrassed and crying AGAIN…

  2. Sheree needs to stay in her lane. Sounds like she had a made up story to get back on RhoA. Mel is real and raw. She will eat Shermer up.

  3. I know Melody is going to use the publicity to promote herself and her businesses, but I wish she wouldn’t say anything else about this. I don’t think Martell has changed either because he was still saying it’s Melody’s fault he cheated like 2 weeks ago on a panel. Sheree has never made good decisions about men. So I don’t think this will end well. And that makes Sheree’s cockiness even more absurd. Like ma’am, you think Martell isn’t going to make a fool out of you like he’s done everyone else? Some women really are delusional and think they are special. So they ignore red flags.

  4. I think it’s a storyline for both of them. God knows that they both need it so good luck to them. If it’s not, any woman that gets with Martel at this point deserves everything that comes with it.

  5. Yeah, I’m now convinced Martell and Sheree’s relationship is fake and a publicity stunt. Anyone who calls TMZ to their house gets a side eye from me.

  6. Sheree is just thirsty for a relationship with anyone she can get she needs to sit down somewhere and work on herself. Cuz she a hot … Mess 💯💯🤣🤣

  7. Like Oprah’s Wig said I wish Melody wouldn’t have elaborated on Martell. Just say that’s not my business who he dates good luck to him next subject. Anybody with two eyes can see Martell ain’t changed and is still a toxic person. As far as Sheree she continues to be an embarrassment. I don’t care whether for publicity or whatever being linked to Martell makes you look desperate and pathetic.

  8. Sheree is not no prize, Melody has way more class then Sheree, Dating a jailbird, All of Melody’s business’s are up and running. Sheree been trying for years to get them ugly a-s clothes on the market. Bravo needs to take that peach cause she don’t have nothing going on in her life.

  9. I agree Melody shouldn’t even comment.She escaped and in a better place. Sheree is a pretty lady and looks darn good for a woman in her 50’s. I too believe this isn’t real. However, if so I would be concerned considering Martel is d-mn near the same age as Sheree’s daughter Tierra. Just not a good look. In addition, can you imagine him being around certain RHOA cast members who are known to flirt and go after other castmate’s husbands. Just saying!!! I pray if it is real, that Sheree is just having fun…..

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