Monique Samuels is Unbothered by LAMDC Backlash + Refuses to Be Fake

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Some people haven’t been happy with Monique Samuels’ actions on LAMDC.

The first season of “Love & Marriage: DC” has officially wrapped up. Monique Samuels was excited to do the show because she wanted “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans to see a more authentic side to her and her marriage. However, she’s been receiving backlash on social media. Some fans have accused her of being mean to Chris Samuels. They believe she has criticized him way too much on the show. In response to criticism, Monique has said that it’s rooted in misogyny.

In fact, Monique addressed this at the reunion. She said that a lot of people take issue with black women speaking their minds. And she also believes that when black women know what they want from their partners, people don’t like when it’s said aloud.

Other LAMDC fans have called out Monique about her treatment of Winter Harris. They have accused Monique of throwing her under the bus. And some believe Monique may have instigated drama between Winter and the other women. However, Monique doesn’t see it that way. She said that Winter caused her own problems with the comments she made about other cast members. To Monique, it seemed like Winter liked being at the center of the drama.

Monique Samuels wants to be true to herself.

Well, the season may be over. But the backlash has not ceased for Monique.

Interestingly enough, she’s not worried about any of the criticism. And she made that clear after former “Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Jessie Woo praised her take on criticism being rooted in misogyny.

Jessie wrote, “Points were made. People want REAL then when they see it they complain. You & Chris exposed the real and many REAL couples can relate and learn from y’all.”

In response, Monique wrote, “@thejessiewoo thanks sis! REAL is very uncomfortable but I would rather be uncomfortable than “fake” and “liked” by social media 😤.”

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  1. I supported Monique while she was on RHOP, and it’s disappointing that she’s not even trying to understand why people are so disappointed with what she’s doing on LAMDC. She treated Winter the same way Gizelle, Robyn, and Wendy treated her.

  2. So Monique doesn’t care that the same people who defended her while she was on RHOP aren’t happy with how she’s acting on this new show? Well, this is why you don’t stan people you don’t know. These people don’t really care about your support or opinions outside of money and opportunities

  3. Candiace was definitely vindicated. Not everyone wants to admit it though. Monique should have left RHOP and decided to stay away from reality television because LAMDC has not been a good look for her.

  4. Her fans are wishy washy! Y’all don’t like Monique.
    Last year y’all were singing a different tune. Her fans annoy me.

  5. Monique left RHOp just to be a mean girl on LAMDC. She turned on Winter to be in the popular girl crew. Sad to see.

  6. Monique is doing a good job being real about her marriage and emotions. The entire cast has done a good job season One. Show has a more authentic feel and connection to the cast. Ms. Winter can hold her own and shes very elegant about it all. RHOP was a disapointment the last season. Karen and Wendy and the girl who was Robin’s friend were the only ones worth looking at on screen. At this point im done with the bravo franchise. Go Own

  7. She talked and complained way to much. She gave Chris no accuracy for him trying to change all she could point out was you do this you do this you do this you do that what do you do monique besides b-tch

  8. No one is asking you to be fake Monique! We are just acknowledging that this is who you are and we are voicing our opinions about it. I do not like it, I thought you were better than this which is why I was a huge fan. I’m no longer a fan and have unfollowed you on Social Media just like many people but carry on…

  9. Oh Chile, we called it. Monique was trying to get divorced and now she is separated. Monique, I hope the fame is worth it for you.

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