Marlo Hampton Feels Others Are Scared of Kandi Burruss + Stands by Todd Tucker Diss

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Marlo Hampton has been coming for Kandi Burruss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton has been taking plenty of shots at Kandi Burruss. Kandi wasn’t expecting any of this. She was one of the people who advocated for Marlo to get a peach. Regardless, Marlo doesn’t feel she owes Kandi any loyalty. She told Carlos King that Kandi has been “coasting” on the show. So she wanted to make Kandi work for her check. Marlo has been applying pressure on Kandi at any opportunity she gets. However, she may have crossed the line when she accused Kandi of being promiscuous. Plus, she downplayed Kandi’s charitable contributions to the Black community.

Marlo really shook things up after she accused Kandi of dating men below her tax bracket. Todd Tucker took offense to this. He felt like this type of remark was disrespectful to his own accomplishments. And he’s already been frustrated with people not allowing him to exist professionally outside of Kandi’s shadow.

At this point, Todd feels like Marlo’s real issue with Kandi is jealousy. And he would like it if Marlo and any other woman who has an issue with Kandi would leave him out of their insults.

Well, Marlo recently addressed the criticism she’s been receiving from RHOA fans for calling Kandi a ***. And she did have something to say about Todd’s annoyance of being dragged into the feud.

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  1. Marlo just needs to get ready for the reunion because she’s going to get dragged for everything she said. She’s only has a peach for one season and she’s already close to people refusing to fill with her. She’s not the wisest.

    1. I dont think marlo is going to be holding a peach long. Most of the time your mouth can get you what you are not asking for.

    2. Who is Marlo anyway???? I’ve always thought she was a man. No children! We have NEVER seen her with a man on the show. How is she a housewife anyway with no husband or man???? I have NEVER liked her nor thought she should be on the show. She road NeNe’s coattail as long as she could then stabbed her in the back. Now she’s turning on Kandi just to get her numbers up to keep her peach. Her peach has rotted. Please get rid of it!

  2. After they fire Marlo then what?

    I doubt Kenya and Drew willl carry the show next season 🙄. MOST of the cast needs to be replaced to be honest.

    1. Amen Steve,U got that Rite…Marlo is jealous of the girls and want them to follow her marlo is a bully to me

  3. Marlo’s comments are below the belt shock comments. She is right about Kandi none of the women are going to say much about Kandi. Kandi has been the one who has started issues about the others and herself and yet none of them say much. Why do people act like Kandi wasn’t known for a THOT in the day? Todd is always going to get caught up in the drama because he is always around.

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